Queen Elizabeth Kicks Off Holyrood week

Queen Elizabeth arrived in Edinburgh on Friday to begin an annual week of engagements in Scotland. For her arrival, she repeated her lilac-grey straw hat with gently sloped crown and raised brim, trimmed with straw roses and bow loops in the same hue. It’s a hat of beautiful proportion and detail and the Queen wears it very well.

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: October 20, 2015

On Saturday, the Queen delivered a speech from the throne to officially open the fifth session of Scottish Parliament. For this event, which saw her joined by the Duke of Edinburgh, she repeated a boater hat with lacy patterned white straw crown and pale aqua brim, trimmed with aqua feathers and organza bows. While this hat is slowly growing on me and I have come to accept its pale, minty colour scheme, I’m still not on board with the fussy trim.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

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Designer: Angela Kelly. Made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: June 18, 2015June 25, 2014

For Sunday service at Canongate Kirk, Queen Elizabeth repeated a design affectionately nicknamed “The Union Jack Hat”. In bright blue straw, the design features another tall crown (very similar in shape to the first hat above), a downward facing brim and a large, twisted blue bow edged in cherry red piping.This design leans more to the whimsical side of things (without falling into silliness) and I find myself smiling as widely as the wearer herself every time I see it.

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: April 18, 2015; January 1, 2012; April 27, 2011

It is often easy to tell when Angela Kelly’s designs have come from the same hat block and it’s most interesting to see the same true for the first and last pieces above, both the work of Rachel Trevor Morgan. It has been a busy weekend for Her Majesty- what do you think of these three repeated hats worn over the past three days?

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

15 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Kicks Off Holyrood week

  1. Tell us Hat Queen do you gave a monstrous chart with all the hats and when they were worn covering the walls of your abode or a wonderfully constructed database. In other words how do you do it or is that prying. However you do it thank you. (Sorry but my punctuation is acting up).

  2. Holyrood Week is off to a good start. I think all three are good hats. The Union Jack hat seems particularly fitting this week Athough it wasn’t chosen for the arrival or for the address to the Scottish parliament, its symbolism does not go unnoted. (And if it wasn’t chosen for this particular purpose, then the Queen’s dressers are shockingly naive at how others could view it)
    I actually like the aqua and white hat. I think it’s by far the most interesting part of this outfit. Worn at the Chelsea Flower Show (without hat, obviously), the coat and dress seemed rather mild and uninteresting. The hat spruces up the outfit immeasurably.

  3. All of these are lovely, the Union Jack hat is one of my favorites! I think the 2nd hat works with the two colors because both are so pale.

  4. I can’t say I am really bowled over by either the minty color or what appears to me as the somewhat fussy decoration of the second hat. The shape, the lilac grey, and the blue with red detailing of the first and third hats seemed much less abrasive, if one can use that word of hats. Without being boring, they seemed to fit with their respective coats more elegantly. (I liked both lilac grey and blue coats better as well!)

  5. I love the lilac and blue hats. RTM’s styling and decorations are just right and have a kind of zing to them, provided in this case by the decorations that pop up and the jaunty angle of the brim on the lilac hat, and by the size and bright color contrast of the bow on the blue hat. The mint green and white combo with the lace and organza bow is very elegant, so I could overlook it’s paleness. But the flat crown and flat brim do seem too sharp and straight somehow to go with the other elements in this softly beautiful design. Then again, the coat has sharply angular lapels so maybe the hat design needed to go in another direction, with some of those cool arrow like feathers we’ve seen on some hats, for example.

    • Well I’ve just seen some better pictures of the mint hat and it actually does have some pointy feathers on it. They don’t show up from a distance so lack the impact that they could have.

  6. HM seems lately to favor this type of hat but the style certainly suits her well. The colors, trim and shape of all three are elegant and well worth repeating. I actually have not had the pleasure of seeing the union jack hat and I like it a lot. It doesn’t seem like she has worn a hat of a darker color for awhile and it is a nice change.

  7. Excellent choices to repeat, and all ones we haven’t seen for a while! My only complaint is I’m still not a fan of the flat boater brim on the second hat.

  8. In addition, HM will have at least an engagement or two every single day from last Friday when she wore the lilac hat till this coming Friday! Hats off to her!

  9. What a fab run of repeats from HM. This is one of those times when I love the AK as much as the RTM. The lilac heather is a stunner, and the straw rose is so similar to the coral coloured hat we’ve all liked so much. The aqua outfit is one I just love, and I actually like the hat trimming on it. And the Union Jack, well it’s always good to see that again.

    She must be done in, she’s been very busy lately!

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