British Royals Host Scottish Garden Party

Queen Elizabeth marked the fifth day of her ‘Holyrood Week’ of engagements in Scotland yesterday with numerous investitures and a garden party hosted at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. For these events, she repeated a butter yellow straw hat trimmed with silk roses surrounded by green silk and yellow organza leaves. The silk flowers on this piece are exquisitely made (don’t they look picked fresh from the royal garden?!) and the subtle pattern woven into the parasissal straw gives a little bit of interest to the design’s simple shape. We have seen the Queen in several new yellow hats of recent and I think this one of the top.

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 19, 2015

The Duke of Edinburgh and the Earl of Wessex both looked dapper in their go-to grey felt and black silk top hats (Prince Philip’s teal tie with grey vest and hat make such a handsome combination). Princess Anne repeated the blue straw hat with diagonal crown, mushroom brim and maribou feather hat band that she unveiled at Ascot a few weeks ago. While all the trimming frou-frou on this hat makes it perfectly suitable for a garden party, I’m afraid I’m still not warming to this hat. Between the overtrimming and the odd dent on the front left side of the brim, this hat doesn’t cut it for me.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 16, 2016
All in all a good day of hats for the British royals in Scotland, wouldn’t you agree?
Photos from The British Royal Family as indicated

10 thoughts on “British Royals Host Scottish Garden Party

  1. HM looks great in this hat. The yellow shelf in the Royal Hat Room is filling up! I’ll agree with everyone else: the Princess Royal ought to remove the boa! The hat would be so much better without it. The gents both look proper and smashing in their toppers. The lady talking to the Duke is wearing what looks like a very nice hat!

  2. This may be my favorite of the Queen’s yellow hats, although, like JamesB, I’m waiting for a re-appearance of the Berlin hat. Those roses are indeed exquisite.

    HatQueen, maybe you’d do an inventory of HM’s yellow hats during a slow hat-wearing period?

  3. I’ve never been a huge fan of yellow, but HM wears it so well, and this is my favorite yellow hat for her. It is absolutely exquisite, and I’m glad to see it out again.

    Still of the same opinion of Anne’s hat as I was at Ascot: that feather boa hatband has to go! Otherwise it is a great hat for her overall.

  4. I agree that this yellow hat is somewhat more beautiful perhaps than RTM’s repeat at Ascot. The size and shape of this hat are perfect, and the coat fits at the neck. As always, I wish we could see the hat with the dress. Several peaks at the dress show it’s basically mint green with some yellow and pink flowers. The RTM hats designed with the flowers to match flowers in the dress would give an entirely differently impression without the solid color coat, particularly when, as in this case, the dress is primarily a different color from the coat and hat.

  5. Anne needs to loose that marabou feather on the front of the trim on her hat — HM looks well and like she really is having a delightful time – yellow is great on her for summer and not everyone can pull off that shade of yellow. I need a trip to Scotland!

  6. I agree that the Queen’s yellow hat is very pretty, but Princess Anne’s has too much going on. The Queen’s hat has a lot going on with texture, banding, flowers, etc, but it is neat and symmetrical and seems a cohesive whole. Princess Anne’s hat was fine for Ascot, but could maybe lose at least the boa now. On the plus side, the shape is good (if not dented) and the colors are delicately pretty and pick up the colors of her suit.

  7. The Queen looks lovely in sunny yellow and the hat is most attractive. If Princess Anne’s hat had the fuzzy stuff removed, it would look much better.

  8. It’s a lot of yellow on HM but it’s fab – this is definitely my favourite of the yellow hats we’ve seen this year (but I’m still waiting for the Berlin hat to come back – she’s teasing me now!!) it’s bright and so simply trimmed, all the better for it. Loving this run of fab repeats she’s giving us at Holyrood this year.

    • Amen, brother! Go back to Germany and get that hat!
      A lot of yellow lately, obviously a favorite color of HM! (Moi aussi.)

  9. Lovely hat on Her Majesty. How bright and cheery she looks. The floral decoration looks very nice but I am guessing it looks fantastic in person. So hard to tell from photographs. I am as startled as the next person over the trim on the Princess Royal’s hat. Regardless she looks great in this hat. It does have what looks like a dent. Take off the fluff and she’s on to a real winner in my humble opinion.

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