Queen And Duke of Edinburgh Visit Dundee

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh continued Holyrood week today in Dundee, Scotland where they opened Slessor Gardens at the heart of the city, Leverhulme Research Centre and visited City Chambers and a tire factory. For this day of engagements, the Queen repeated the sky blue hat with wool silk covered crown, straw brim and floral trim that she first wore in Malta last fall. 

I really like the mix of wool silk and straw on this piece, particularly on the sweeping brim (my favourite part of this design). What works less successfully, I think, is the fluted shape of the crown and the fussy trim, which I so want to twist back slightly around the side of the hat.
Queen Elizabeth, July 6, 2016 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: November 28, 2015
It looks like a lovely day was enjoyed by the royal couple- what do you think of the Queen’s hat?
Photo from Rex Features and The British Monarchy as indicated

11 thoughts on “Queen And Duke of Edinburgh Visit Dundee

  1. The brim is fabulous, looks so from all sides, in fact. Although the flower could be a little farther back, I suppose, at least it’s not the miners’ lamp look of some hats. A lot of hats went up to Scotland this week!

  2. I like this hat overall. I like that the brim is straw – the added texture is good, and the lightness. I like the sweep of the brim. I like the shape of the crown, and HM must like it too, given how many similarly shaped hats she wears! I would like the flowers to be a bit more to the side – they look like they are too nervous to be in the center but not willing to sit unobtrusively on the side. The yarn bow is completely unnecessary and should be removed. The color is fantastic and I agree with Dianne – it sure reflects the Saltire.

  3. Not my favorite of the Queen’s hats, but the color is lovely and suits her (as do most colors!).
    HatQueen, I notice that you’ve been using photos from The British Monarchy from the past couple of days and am curious about that.

  4. Still a beautiful color for HM, but time has lessened my liking of the trim a little (not feeling the floppy fabric bow), and still not a fan of how asymmetrical this brim is, specifically head on; something about it just seems too unbalanced for me. This was one of the times we did get to see this hat and dress without the coat when HM made an appearance on a balcony later in the day.

  5. This is probably my favourite colour on Her Majesty. I am the odd one out per usual on the trim. I would like to see it way over on the other side.

    • VGrF: I agree with you 100%. I loved this ensemble last year, and love it more this year. Perfect color for HM! The placement of the fluff doesn’t bother me in the least!
      BTW, she really does TRULY seem fascinated with the tires, doesn’t she? HM is one heck-of-a-lady! She should have worn her white marshmallow hat for this occasion, honoring the Michelin Man!

      • Jimbo: What a chuckle you gave me about the marshmallow hat! I was a horse racing photographer for years so was around Her Majesty, the Queen Mother and the Princess Royal a lot and Prince Philip a bit too when I covered Windsor. HM is very generous as you say.

  6. I still think this one is an absolute winner, the shape is fab, and I don’t find the trim overly fussy (okay perhaps an inch further round, but it’s not bothering me).

    And the coat is clearly a favourite too – she now has it in four colours (magenta, apple green, yellow and this blue). This one and the collared shape (like the pink one she wore the day before her birthday which she has in a load of colours too) were clearly ordered in bulk!

  7. I love this colour on Her Majesty – very pretty. And knowing how good she is at making subtle acknowledgements to where she is visiting, I cannot help but think she dressed to reflect the colours of the Saltire. The hat and the trim are beautiful but I do agree that I would have preferred the trim to be slightly more off centre.

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