Inventory: Queen Silvia’s Green Hats

In our look at royal hat inventories, we have yet to peek inside the millinery closet of Queen Silvia. Continuing with our green theme, here are all the green hats we have seen on the Swedish queen so far this millenium:

1.Queen Silvia, April 30, 1996 | Royal Hats   2. 2010-05-30 marriage banns   3.2010-06-18 pre wedding reception

Designer: unknown
First Appeared: April 30, 1996; May 30, 2010; June 18, 2010


Designer: unknown
First Appeared: May 19, 2013

5.Queen Silvia, June 18, 2015

Designer: unknown
First Appeared: June 1, 2015

In an inventory of four current hats (#1 must be long retired), I’m surprised to see three open crown designs. Each of these open-topped hats is obviously a custom match for its coordinating outfit but to have three in such similar shades seems a little odd. Queen Silvia wears green well and here’s hoping she adds a few new hats in this hue (crowns and brims, please!) to her wardrobe, soon.

Photos from Raymond Reuter, Jonas Ekstromer, Dominique Charriau via Getty; Expressen and Expressen

11 thoughts on “Inventory: Queen Silvia’s Green Hats

  1. I love #1 and the way she wears it low on her forehead – very attractive. All shades of green seem to suit the Queen but I much prefer her in hats with crowns and brims!

  2. I like all of these except number 5. The shape and decoration of 5 seems rather hodge podge with that flower tucked into the odd loops. The others are clearly thought out and elegant. To me the open crown design is a nod to a crown, and so perfect for a Queen.

  3. Crowns and brims, indeed! Number 1 is so successful, I wish she would revisit that style of hat. She has been wearing so many calot and pillbox styles lately, a little variety wouldn’t go amiss. Thank you for the retrospective!

    • I agree with what efrompdx says: August 8, 2016 at 9:04 am. I would like her to wear more brimmed hats for a change. The Queen looks great in green.

  4. Goodness, I was all prepared for boredom, but I like the surprise of seeing green on Queen Sylvia, and I must say, I like dignified, classic style chapeau…. made unusual by a different color.

  5. Wow, this is not a very appealing batch, is it? Oh well, I’m just so happy that you’re back to doing the inventories 🙂

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