Queen Elizabeth Takes Up Balmoral Residence

Queen Elizabeth officially arrived at Balmoral Castle yesterday to begin her summer vacation. As in years past, she inspected a guard of honour, this year formed by The Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion. For this arrival, she repeated an ecru straw hat with tall crown trimmed in a a pleated hatband, curling feathers and a multi looped bow with rough edges. Click on the photo collage below to open larger views of each picture.

These photos or the one below, taken during during its last outing in 2008, give a better view of the detail on this design

Embed from Getty Images
This hat is very similar to the very first hat Rachel Trevor Morgan designed for her 80th birthday in 2006 but make no mistake- the two are different. I honestly do not recall seeing yesterday’s hat before, perhaps because the neutral colour blends in my mind with all the other ecru/cream hats in the Queen’s wardrobe. Taking a close look at this one, however, is worthwhile becase the proportion and feather trim are both so lovely.
Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: November 5, 2008September 7, 2008
Do you remember seeing this hat worn by Queen Elizabeth in the past?
Photos from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Takes Up Balmoral Residence

  1. Many readers will agree that while the silver jubilee hat is well known, most people’s favourite hat is the blue design from Prince Andrews wedding. Please, please could we cover it soon on here as it forms part of the new exhibition!!

  2. The suit is working for me as well. She looks good – the proportions are right. More youthful – but she is infinite, not a number these days!

  3. I think this hat was worn a couple of times around 2008-2010. The Queen has used this dress, however, both with and without the jacket, for numerous of meetings. The dress is extremely recognizable because of the line of fringe down the front seam.
    Do you think the brim on the hat looks the same size in the original photos and now? It seems to me that the brim might be a bit smaller now and straighter, but perhaps I’m just imagining this since a slight reshaping has happened to many of the Queen’s old hats, and perhaps I’m now just expecting it.

  4. Well, I’m the last person to ask about remembering when a hat was last worn, unless it is a particularly distinctive hat. But you do seem to have readers with sharp memories for that! Both these hats look attractive and it is nice to see HM wearing a suit. Wishing her a happy, well-deserved holiday.

  5. I know the hat is an old one, probably older than your previous sighting of it. It’s lovely, and deserves to be worn more often, and the suit is really gorgeous too. A good look for the start of her Scottish break.

  6. She looks great, even though the ecru color is a bit bland, compared to what she has been wearing all summer.
    HM deserves her well earned break, and I pray she keeps her vim and vigor for a long time to come.
    BTW, 1. Does anyone agree with me when I opine that HM looks so much better (younger) in suits, compared to the omni-present coats?
    2. This ensemble must be stored at Balmoral, since she has only wore it there. (now, and back in 2008)
    3. Actually, I prefer her 80th birthday hat to this one, but this one is still lovely.

  7. This is a beautiful hat. It has a tall crown but it doesn’t seem too tall at all with the trim wrapped around it. It is nicely proportioned. I like it a lot better than all the hats with the slanted crown. The fuzzy feathers go well with the texture of the Queen’s suit. I didn’t know it before but I think I really like the color ecru. It has such a delicate hint of gold.

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