Danish Royals Commemorate Flag Day

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a parade and church service yesterday in commemoration of national Flag Day (a remembrance holiday for deployed military personel, veterans and those lost in action.

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For this event, Crown Princess Mary repeated a calot hat in natural straw trimmed with three bow loops at the side. It’s a simple hat but one that always looks great against Mary’s dark hair. I thought the hat was a great counterpoint to Mary’s black dress and jacket and lifted the ensemble without venturing outside appropriateness for the more sombre event.
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Designer: Susanne Juul. Ralph Lauren dress.
Previously Worn: August 24, 2015; September 5, 2014; May 10, 2012; October 4, 2011; June 6, 2010
This is the sixth ensemble we have seen paired with this hat on Princess Mary (see the others over at this post)- what are your thoughts about this pairing yesterday?
Photos from Getty as indicated; IBL; EPP/News Pictures

10 thoughts on “Danish Royals Commemorate Flag Day

  1. By it self that hat is pretty boring but the way it is styled here is SO GOOD. It’s super classy but also super modern and stylish. LOVE.

  2. This is a very versatile hat. It is cute, simple and clean. While I like this hat with the many outfits I prefer it against the darker colors. In fact it pulls this latest outfit together complementing the shoes and purse. But my favorite outfit is look 3. Mary pulls off a retro look from the 40’s that is stunning!

  3. Crown Princess Mary is always so well put together. She looks lovely and appropriate.
    The thing I love about this hat is its versatility. It looks right with each of those outfits. I think it really shines with the counterpoint of the darker colors, but it still works perfectly with the yellow. It’s great to see a hat that gets worn often enough to justify its cost. Of course, her mother-in-law is a perfect example of getting all the use possible out of a hat!

  4. Mary looks very elegant here, and this is definitely among the better outfits paired with this hat. I personally prefer her hair up with this calot, but out of all the times she’s worn her hair down with this hat, this is the best in my opinion.

  5. I agree thatthis hat suits Mary very well. I like this hat best with looks 2 and 4( in the previous post). Re today’s outfit, the black jacket looks very nice with the hat, but to my eye the black and white skirt does not relate.

  6. I agree with you Hat Queen that “the hat was a great counterpoint to Mary’s black dress and jacket and lifted the ensemble without venturing outside appropriateness for the more sombre event.” This is a lovely hat and looks perfect with this outfit.

  7. This is my favourite outing of this hat. I really like the entire look. This hat is so simple, but so versatile, and it pops against Crown Princess Mary’s dark brown hair. I love the huge brooch, and I don’t recall seeing it before. Does anyone know if it was borrowed from the Queen or if it was gifted to her?

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