Opening of Swedish Parliament

Members of the Swedish Royal Family gathered in Stockholm yesterday for the opening of parliament dressed in the  traditional black and white dress code associated with this event. Queen Silvia led her family in a repeated white ruched straw headpiece with wide bow at the back. The lovely movement of this piece, which swirls around Silvia’s head, almost makes up for it’s open crown. I have long disliked such open crowned hats but paired with an impeccably cut black suit and pearls, this one almost works.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Queen Silvia, September 13, 2016 | Royal Hats   Queen Silvia, September 13, 2016 | Royal Hats

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: September 17, 2013

The three Princesses sported chignon hairstyles, each topped with a fascinator style headpiece. There has been growing controversy here at Royal Hats over the merits of this style of millinery and, like them or love them, I think each worked particularly well with this hairstyle.

This is the third outing for Crown Princess Victoria’s layered headpiece of black and white butterflies and while still not my favourite for her, I think it worked better with her Paule Ka dress than it has with any previous ensemble.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Malinda Damgaard
Previously Worn: October 19, 2015September 15, 2015

Princess Madeleine’s black free form shaped headpiece was worn as a calot the last time we saw it. I think the scale of this piece suits the placement we saw here and the combination of hard edged headpiece with the very delicate lace collar of her blouse made for an interesting contrast.

Princess Madeleine, September 13, 2016 | Royal Hats   Princess Madeleine, September 13, 2016 | Royal Hats   Princess Madeleine, September 13, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: September 15, 2013

For my favourite ensemble of the day, Princess Sofia topped a streamlined Max Mara black dress with an over-size white camellia bloom headpiece. Black and white ensembles can be tough to balance but the scale of this headpiece works so beautifully with the dress, understated jewellery and a large chignon. The resulting combination is timeless, classic and so very chic.

Princess Madeleine and Princess Sofia, September 13, 2016 | Royal HatsPrincess Madeleine and Princess Sofia, September 13, 2016 | Royal Hats Princess Sofia, September 13, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: this headpiece is new
Any thoughts to share on the quartet of Swedish royal headpieces for this year’s opening of parliament?
Photos from Getty as indicated;  Anna Karin Nilsson and Olle Sporrong via Stella Pictures; and Dana Press

20 thoughts on “Opening of Swedish Parliament

  1. All the ladies look nice, but do tell why a hair stylist is not advising Victoria to finally do away with pulling her hair back so tightly off her face! It is so unflattering and unbecoming to her! At the very least, take a cue from her sister, and the best looking hairdo (and headpiece) of the three this time, Sophia. Their hair adds slight fullness to their face, creating softness and beauty.

  2. I love all of the ladies’ outfits and hair/headpieces. I know some don’t like the donut of Silvia but I love the way the hat works with her hair. Madeline looks very “buttoned up” as someone put it but I think the overall look is appropriate for this event. Sofia wins this event if only for her loss of the middle part. Victoria as always looks lovely. Since Sofia has lost her middle part maybe now I can hope for Victoria to wear her hair down once. All in all I am loving the black and white theme. It allows for the pop of the white that each lady wore.

  3. While I am not a big fan of the crownless hats, I try to accept them as proper, contemporary millinery. This one I like better than most. It looks more like a hat and less like a bandage. I think Queen Silvia looks wonderful.

    Of the Princesses, Sofia wins the day. The camellia is beautiful. Everyone’s hair looks perfect, which leaves the headpieces. I wish Victoria would leave the butterflies for Estelle. I can’t really see Madeleine’s thingy.

    They all look lovely, regardless!

  4. If Queen Silvia’s hat was a pillbox it would be such a knock out. Since it’s a donut, I’m not down with it.

    Sofia and Madeleine look AMAZING. Totally different looks but WOW. Victoria looks good but that bow on her dress is straight up bad. I get it goes with her butterfly headpiece (super cute) but too cutesey for me.

    And Kudos HQ your photos of this are better than any other royal website.

  5. And now, some comments from “Minority Corner:”
    1. All four look beautiful, but the absence of any real hat is disappointing.
    2. Queen Silvia looks like she just arrived from (the) hospital. I don’t care for open crowns.
    3. As elegant as she appears, Princess Madeleine is AGAIN entirely too buttoned up, considering her natural drop-dead beauty.
    Case in point: last week’s post:×594
    4. Princess Sophia looks the most wonderful of the trio.

  6. The four Royal ladies all looked lovely–probably as well turned out as any recent collection of royal families I can call to mind. We always think hats would be better, but I guess we cannot expect everyone too be of this mind!

  7. I agree, Sofia looked the best overall; she knew how to perfectly style her hair with that floral headpiece. Overall disappointed at the lack of more substantial pieces, whether they be substantial fascinators, cocktail perchers, or full-on hats. C’est la vie.

    • Looks as if the men are all wearing ties of quite similar, if not identical, design, in what appears to me to be blue and gold–these are the national colors. I am just as happy that didn’t wear black or white!

  8. I love Queen Silvia’s ensemble and from the front and most side views it looks like a “real” hat! The princesses all look lovely, too. In one or two of the photos, the suits appear to be navy blue, but that just may be my computer.

  9. *I agree HatQueen, Princess Sofia is wearing perhaps her most elegant look to date; and that statement hairpiece is unquestionably the outfit’s star.
    And how en pointe does Queen Silvia look when she ventures away from the safety of her unchanging classic cuts to this shapely peplum suit with the on-trend flared cuffs? It’s a pity about the lack of crown on her hat; but otherwise, the design is flattering and balances very nicely both her hairstyle and her outfit.

    • I agree. All of their outfits were outstanding this year, and Princess Sofia, in particular, wore a beautifully cut outfit that flattered her to no end. Princess Madeleine is so chic in all her sartorial choices. The headpieces are nice, but hats would be better.

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