Dutch Prinsjesdag 2016

Members of the Dutch Royal family celebratated Prinsjesdag today, the start of a new session of Dutch parliament. King Willem-Alexander, who addressed a joint session of the Dutch Senate and House of Representatives, was joined in The Hague by Queen Máxima, Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien. As per tradition, the women wore 18th century court dress (long gowns and hats).

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Queen Máxima gave new life to a much worn natural straw hat, pairing it with a royal blue silk blouse and embellished gold skirt by Claes Iversen.
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This design is one of Máxima’s original upswept brim ‘slice’ hats in natural Parabuntal straw, simply trimmed with a grosgrain ribbon hat band and side bow (and according to the designer, in Máxima’s favourite colour). It is an incredibly versatile piece (evidenced by the five other ensembles she has paired it with) that balances beautifully with the gold skirt. In many ways, I think this ensemble works better as a whole picture than in smaller parts because the balance of colour and texture is so beautiful (how great is the contrast of royal blue against the gold hat and skirt?)
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 Closeup, the combination of hat, hairstyle, sash and earrings is a quartet also balanced to perfection.
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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the “Bellissima” design
Previously Worn: August 30, 2014May 24, 2014May 30, 2013; January 24, 2013January 21, 2013; July 2, 2011
Princess Laurentien topped her Hardies Hague and Talbot Runhof chain mail armour inspired gown with a coordinating cocktail hat. With a beret base made of layered black and silver sinamay to replicate the multi dimensional gunmetal grey metallic colour of her gown, the hat is finished with a wide ruffle of pleated crinoline. It’s a strong look full of amazing texture that Laurentien carries very well.

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Princess Laurentien, Sep 20, 2016 in Eudia | Royal Hats

Designer: Eudia
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Two wonderful hats paired with fantastic ensembles today in The Hague, don’t you agree?
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Jump over to this post to see all of Queen Máxima’s past Prinesjesdag hats.
Photos from Netherlands Royal Pool, Netherlands Royal Pool and Michel Porro via Getty; Getty as indicated

20 thoughts on “Dutch Prinsjesdag 2016

  1. I think Maxima’s hat is better saved for a ship launching or the opening of a library. It’s too casual for a formal state occasion. When I see this hat all I can visualize is a large sun hat, a beautiful sun hat, but a sun hat nevertheless! This event is known far in advance on the calendar which leaves plenty of time for a designer to create something wonderful to compliment this great occasion!

    • Hmmm… a sun hat? For me, a sun hat has a large, flat brim (you know- to shield the sun!) and is made of a far less casual material that the refined Parabuntal that this hat is made of.

  2. Both ladies where so beautiful! Did you see that modekoningin had a different list of occasions that the queen was wearing this hat? Interesting.

  3. Maxima’s hat suits her, although it is really a plain style in a plain material, and the only thing that gives it enough oomph to hold its own on such a formal occasion is its scale. Overall, Maxima’s whole outfit worked extremely well for this , one of the principal events in the royal year when substantial numbers of people will be viewing her in real life from a distance (not just on TV). And I really like Laurentian’s ensemble too, with the very interesting hat. I don’t always think her outfits are successful, but she is generally very interesting!

  4. I always feel like the outfits on Prinsjesdag are really hit or miss, and this year is definitely a hit!

    Máxima looked absolutely gorgeous, and the sapphire blue and gold is a great color combo. The hat is my favorite shape for her, and the angle of this one is really dramatic; I especially love how the pearl end of one of her hat pins was in gold, and the other in blue (that’s true attention to detail!). Her sapphire jewelry is also stunning, and brings back great memories of the inauguration in 2013 (which is one of my all-time favorite looks for Máxima). My only (minor) complaint is I wish this had been a full gown with a more streamlined waist rather than a blouse and skirt combo.

    Laurentien, while in a very subdued color that could be seen as drab, was able to pull off this ensemble very well; I think her goldenrod sash and her jewelry really helped keep this look alive. Her cocktail hat is great and I like the mixture of textures in her entire outfit. If this gown was a dress with a shorter hem, I think Laurentien would look like the Countess of Wessex (overall I’m reminded of some of Sophie’s Ascot looks). I hope she brings this hat out again, with a standard dress, perhaps in apple green, turquoise, or crimson.

    I’m still a little sad we no longer see Beatrix and Margriet at Prinjesdag for some more hats, but glad to see this year did not disappoint!

  5. While I can agree the outfit is beautiful on Maxima, I am curious why the tradition is to wear hats instead of a tiara. Maybe I am used to a long gown paired with tiara. I think Laurentien’s dress is elegant and works well with her hat. The look of a long gown with a hat is reminiscent of an Edwardian look in terms of style.

    • Michell I agree with you regarding wearing a hat with a long dress/gown. When I first saw Maxima, although she looked gorgeous, something seemed off to me. Now, after your comment, I believe it was the hat that confused me.

    • As mentioned in the post, this event is one of the few that retains a dress code of 18th century court dress. While this does not translate into corsets and bustles today, it does mean long gowns with hats. This was a common daytime dress code for daytime royal events until about 100 years – my guess it began to change with the many other societal and fashion changes that accompanied WWI. We still see this dress code occasionally- at Imperial New Years events each year and at Prinsjesdag. You might recall it was also the dress code at King Willem Alexander’s inauguration in 2013.

      As a general rule, tiaras are off limits until evening, even at the most formal of daytime events.

      • Yes, I think this dress code was still the prevalent one for very formal daytime events in royal circles even more recently than that. Think of some of the weddings in the British royal family in the 1950s and 1960s. The only formal daytime event I can think of where tiaras are routinely worn is the State Opening of Parliament in Britain. As far as I know, it has always been the full fig, even in daytime, never the court dress long gown-and-hat combination, but I don’t know why.

      • Thank you for clarifying. I am surprised I don’t love Maxima’s hat because I love the Edwardian look and those were big hats. Maybe what I don’t love is the casual look of the hat.

  6. Dazzling! The natural straw pairs surprisingly well with the rich colors and fabrics. The hat reflects the light beautifully.

    And this is one of Laurentian’s better looks.

  7. Queen Maxima looks great as usual. I know she considers this a formal hat because she has worn it to other formal events. But to me it reads a little less formal and I would have liked something in a fancier material, maybe in a gold to match her skirt.
    Princess Laurentian’s black/gray hat is nice. I’m not such a fan of her dress. It seems overly drab and heavy to me. But the whole look is definitely lifted up by the light pleated crinoline and lace of her elegant hat.

  8. MAXIMAAAAAAA! Whew, glad to get that out of my system. What an amazing outfit – look at the size of that stomacher! OMG. She looks gorgeous and the outfit is inspired. I love how she tones with the ‘thrones’ but still stands out.

    And guess what? This may be the first Princess Laurentien outfit I’ve ever liked!

    Well done, those women.

  9. Not really a news flash that Max brings it AGAIN. She always looks fab at big events.

    I LOVE Laurentien’s hat. It’s super cool with her dress her earrings are freaking amazing.

  10. The queen looked very well from top to bottom. Everything fit well, was in scale, the colors worked beautifully; the only thing I complain of is the two lethal-looking hat pins, which may be very necessary with that big slice hat. Princess Laurentien surpassed herself; the coordination of hat and gown is perfect, and both are striking.

  11. Absolutely love Maxima’s beautiful ensemble! The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: a true example of synergy! 😸 Her Majesty really does love that hat–but it suits her so well we don’t grow tired of it. That skirt is gorgeous and is the coup de resistance of the outfit. Love it! By the way, did I spy a gorgeous huge diamond flanked by sapphires on her right hand?

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