Cambridge Family Arrives in Canada

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touched down this afternoon in Victoria, the capital of the Canadian province of British Columbia, with their children in tow. The entire family were dressed in shades of blue to kick off their visit to Western Canada, with Kate in the most marvellous new hat.

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Made of felt in a moulded saucer shape, this design is lavishly trimmed with maple leaves (the national emblem of Canada) and a central bloom made up of multiple bow loops and blue seed pearls. While we have seen a similar design on Kate before (remember this red version for the Diamond Jubilee Flotilla?),  this piece stands out thanks to the vibrant shade of blue- a colour which is fantastic on the young Duchess. I particularly like how the well-embellished hat provides a beautiful counterpoint to Kate’s refined and very sleek dress.

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Because this tour is full of more informal events, I did not expect to see such a formal hat on Kate for today’s arrival. Thank goodness I was wrong – I think this is one of her best looks to date.
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Designer: Silvia Fletcher for Lock and Co. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new
I will post additional photos of this hat as the rest of today’s events unfold. What do you think of Kate’s hat today in Victoria?
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28 thoughts on “Cambridge Family Arrives in Canada

  1. This is a very classy outfit. Glad to see she didn’t take any risks with a full skirt.
    The hat… I like it but I would like it even more if it wasn’t the same type of hats she seems to wear most of the time, and a blue twin to the red one from the Jubilee Thames Pageant. She is super chic but I am a bit bored…

    • I had to return to comment on Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and Sharon Johnston’s hats (Sharon is the wife of David Lloyd Johnston, the Governor General of Canada). As North America is not especially famous for it’s fancy hats, I think both of these ladies fedoras were very successful. I love the color and jaunty angle of Sophie’s, while Sharon’s was fun and unexpected, especially the color. And Judith Guichon (lieutenant governor of British Columbia, who was in the airport receiving line behind the Trudeaus) looked appropriate in her black cloche, which seemed to fit her position and background as a rancher.

      • I agree, Jake- I thought all three of these hats were great.

        Sophie Gregoire Trudeau:

        Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

        Sharon Johnson:

        Embed from Getty Images

        Judith Guichon:
        Embed from Getty Images

    • Yes, the hat is nifty, although the color is odd with the purple dress. As Jake has said, extra credit to the ladies who don’t typically wear hats!

  2. Not much else to add – his is one of her best ever looks, so regal. This is high octane royal dressing, with jewels to boot. She looks fabulous; at last she is getting into what we want, like Maxima does, this is a glamorous royal look. Just stunning.

  3. I agree, this is a beautiful hat which suits the Duchess, her outfit and the occasion to perfection. Timeless elegance. This gorgeous family could have stepped out of the last century. Outside of the British Royal family, this is a look we rarely if ever encounter in contemporary life. It’s so much fun to see their appearances.

  4. Consummate Royal style -THIS is how it’s done.
    I would happily see Kate wearing this hat in 10 colours, it suits her so well.
    For me the entire look (which thankfully eschews any “Junior Miss” elements), is 10/10. And as an unexpected bonus, just look how bright her eye colour seems, especially in the distance shots, due to this shade of blue — it’s not often that we see Kate wear a blue that truly suits her natural colouring.

  5. Lovely hat, and an exceptionally well-balanced outfit. And I am in awe of Kate walking down aeroplane steps in high heels with a child in one arm and holding hands with another with the other hand!

  6. Kate looks terrific, one of her best outfits. .. ever! Love her hair, so sophisticated (take note Maxima) but really everything combines to make this what it is – colour, jewellery, dress, hat …

  7. Wow, this is absolutely stunning!! This hat is beautifully designed, and the color is amazing. While there are definite nods to Canada, being in blue gives it potential to be worn on other occasions (I’m all for versatility!). I really hope we get to see this hat again!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous all around! The hat is a stunner–one of my all time favorites! I adore the tributes to the maple leaf. Lovely family with a stunning mommy! 😻😘

  9. Excellent choice: stands out, looks royal, sophisticated yet simple. The hat is big enough to be seen but yet shows off the Duchess’s nicely coiffed hair. Well done!

  10. They all look really good. I think this is one of my favorite daytime looks for the duchess. I like the dress, the hat, everything. Her hair looks marvelous.

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