Luxembourg Royal Wedding Guests, Ten Years On

Anniversary While the wedding of Prince Louis of Luxembourg and Tessy Antony ten years ago was a small one by royal standards, it included a number of hats worn by members of the couple’s family. From our current vantage point a decade later, here is a look back at these millinery designs.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa arrived with the groom in a silver silk suit topped with a matching jewelled headpiece of overlapping silk bow loops and pale grey flying feathers.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The headpiece makes a strong statement (nearly as loud as a statement as Maria Teresa made when she left the church cradling her grandson, firmly putting rumours of Grand Ducal disapproval of the marriage to rest) and while it’s a little haphazard, I always thought it was great fun.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne

Tessy’s mother Régine Antony wore a wide brimmed black straw hat with flat crown, raised brim and large bow at the side. Her grandmother, pictured far left in the group photo below, wore a black felt hat with wavy brim.

September 29, 2006 | Royal Hats

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Archduchess Marie Astrid wore a small hat made of widely woven natural straw with tightly upfolded cuff brim and swath of net veil. The weave of the straw lends great texture to the piece which feels a little nondescript. Her sister, Princess Margaretha of Leichtenstein, wore what appears to be a cream calot with black overlay. The overlay gives interesting dimension to the piece although I have a hard time making a connection betwen the hat and her ensemble.

Embed from Getty Images

Archduchess Marie Astrid and Princess Margaretha, September 29, 2006 | Royal Hats

Finally, Princess Sibilla wore a forest green Garbo style hat with laser cut brim. The pattern cut into the brim is an eye-catching embellishment alternative to usual flowers and feathers and, I suspect, a rather fashion-forward statement ten years ago. I’m not sure the hat was showed off to best effect with Sibilla’s gray-green suit but it’s an interesting piece of millinery that stands on its own.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The stand-out millinery designs here are the ones worn by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Princess Sibilla, both of which I think could easily be worn today. What do you think of the royal hats at this royal wedding, ten years on?

Photos from Getty as indicated: Alain Benainous, Alain Benainous and Alain Benainous via Getty

11 thoughts on “Luxembourg Royal Wedding Guests, Ten Years On

  1. I like MT, low key lovely , I don’t like Tessy’s mother black hat, it looks depressing, it doesn’t look like anybody went out of their way to have a hat specially made for the occasion.

  2. The only hat I really like out of this group is Maria Teresa’s fascinator (although I don’t mind Regine Antony’s black hat either). And if I’m not mistaken, Tessy ended up borrowing this fascinator for the Luxembourg National Day in 2009:

    Definitely not a fan of Marie Astrid’s hat at all, and Margaretha’s ensemble is really boring. The shape of Sibilla’s hat works well for her, but the laser cuts seem much too random, and there are too many of them; also, the color of her hat does not work at all with her outfit.

    For me overall, this is pretty disappointing. But it looks like Louis and Tessy have made things work despite what seemed like not the easiest beginning of life together.

  3. The Grand Duchess looks lovely. We’ve seen a lot of dreadful fascinators on this blog, but this one is a perfect balance between whimsy and substance.

  4. With the exception of Maria Teresa, I having trouble seeing any of the hats as complements of the outfits. Feeling underwhelmed.

  5. Maria-Teresa is fabulous! the hat and the suit are just wonderful wonderful. I also like Marie-Astrid’s look, but everyone else leaves me pretty meh. Especially Sbilla whose hat looks to be the wrong color, material, and style for her outfit. Hopefully it looked better in person.

  6. The GD Maria Teresa looks GREAT – like a confetti party just landed on her head! THAT’s a party fascinator!
    I like the forest green hat of Princess Sibilla, but I think the suit is too drab/almost business-like for a wedding.

  7. I agree w/ your sentiments, HQ: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Princess Sibilla are wearing eye-catching hats that have not gone out of fashion. The color combination between P Sibilla’s hat and suit are a little “off” to my eye. The children are all adorable.

  8. Maria Teresa looks great in those pictures, and she would be a totally wonderful mother-in-law. This royal family truly is a family first. I am very fond of them all.

    • Let’s keep the conjecture in check- we really have no idea what royal relationships are like behind closed doors. By all means be fond but let’s keep our chatter to what we see- HATS!

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