Dutch Monarchs Open Exhibition

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima opened the exhibition “Mapping Australia” at the Aboriginal Art Museum in Utrecht today. For this event, Queen Máxima topped her bronze and navy striped dress with a chic midnight blue felt fedora hat with extended, slightly floppy brim.

Queen Máxima, Oct 3, 2016 | Royal Hats Queen Máxima, Oct 3, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Máxima, Oct 3, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: At first glance, I thought this hat was this fedora variation last worn in November 2014 but the crown shape on the two hats are different (today’s hat does not have the distinct pinches and indented crown of the previously worn hat or the feather trim and the brim shapes are different). I think this hat is new.
I really like the scale of this fedora on Máxima admire the styling on this ensemble- it’s so well balanced and sophisticated. What do you think of this new hat on her today?

22 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Open Exhibition

  1. I like this hat a lot, but agree with those who feel it is not the best choice with this outfit. Gorgeous as it is, the style reads a little casual and soft for the stronger, clean, minimal lines of the outfit – particularly against the jacket. The earrings also read as too dressy and fiddly for the hat; here’s where short, big and chunky earrings from Max’s contemporary collection would really shine.

    • Thanks, Renske. As I mentioned in another post, I’m taking time with extended family this week and have not been checking in here are often as usual so updates will be slower this week. All will be back to normal next week.

  2. Love it! She wears it so well 🙂 Glad she went for something a little different than her favourite hat shapes, it’s a big success!

  3. Always nice to see something new for Máxima. While not my favorite hat for her, overall I think it’s a good one. It looks like the brim may be obstructing her view a bit as it looks like she is pulling her head back to see better in many of the photos; if the hat sat back on her head just a bit, I think it would be much improved.

    I was also thinking the other day about how we often see Máxima is large hats, which suit her well, but nowadays her hats are trimmed very simply, compared to some of those she wore in the mid-to-late 2000s (the silver Alexia christening hat and purple Prinsjesdag hat remain 2 favorites from that time period). I would like to see some Treacy-esque trimmings on a hat for her just to mix things up a bit. Perhaps she and Camilla can have a battle of the large hats sometime haha!

    • I also thought she was pulling her head back because of the brim being too low. Other than that it’s a great hat in a rich texture with a wonderful shape. It goes well with the dress too. Not sure about the combination with the earrings though.

  4. I do not in general like this type of hat on a woman, always feel like Liza Minellie is going to dance around with a chair.

  5. This is a formal engagement, and for that I can never like a fedora. It’s a hat that suits Maxima, and if this were an informal setting, I’d like it. But it doesn’t fulfil the hat-to-engagement suitability criterion for me, so not a success in this context.

    • Formal? I’m not sure we can classify any ‘usual’ daytime engagement as truly formal. I understand what you’re saying but since fedoras have become such a current fashion accessory, I think they read as much more formal than they used to.

  6. In some of the pictures the hat and dress stripes look black, and in some they look blue. Since the Queen is wearing blue earrings, I think the hat and dress stripes might be a deep blue color. In any case, the hat is very attractive.

    • I too thought the stripes were blue — until the 3rd picture, which looks black. You make a good point about the earrings, though, which always look blue. In either case, I like the hat and outfit and assume that either hat, stripes, purse and cape are black or hat, stripes, purse and cape are blue.

      • HQ, someone at an other blog has seen her at this event. She said it was a deep blue hat, as her dress has deep blue stripes. So the blue accessories make sense.

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