Danish Opening of Parliament

The Danish royal family gathered in Copenhagen yesterday to attend the opening of their nation’s parliament. Queen Margrethe led her relations in a repeated red bumper hat with navy floral bow at the side. While I agree with many of you who would prefer a less twee embellishment on this hat, the vibrant colour certainly made Margrethe stand out in the crowd.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: September 5, 2016; May 24, 2016

While I initially posted that Crown Princess Mary was the only family member in a new millinery design for this event, her hat was actually a previously worn one… with a twist.  This design is a strong shape (Mary has similar designs with square crowns and curved brims) and she carries it well. This most royal shade of purpley-blue felt is beautiful on her and the feather plume trim, a new addition on this outing that completely transformed the piece) makes a wonderful statement.

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: October 23, 2012; January 15, 2012

Princess Marie topped her elegant ivory coat with a pink straw fascinator. Made of a central bloom surrounded by a circle of pointed leaves, the design is trimmed with several slim feathers (far less feathers than we saw it embellished with during its first outing!). The design reads very summery to me and I think I might have preferred a repeat of the wonderful purple fedora she wore to this event last year.

Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte, Oct 4, 2016 | Royal Hats

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: March 18, 2014

Princess Benedikte repeated her brown straw hat with gently upturned brim and back bow trim. It’s a simple design but one that works well on her thanks to its lovely, warm colour- a colour that I thought was particularly wonderful with Benedikte’s blue dress and aqua wrap.

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 12, 2016April 30, 2016

This event is one of the few on the Danish royal calendar that sees the family all together and in hats. Which designs stood out to you in particular this year?

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14 thoughts on “Danish Opening of Parliament

  1. I’ve said enough in the past about the bow on Margrethe’s hat; while I like this hat and ensemble overall, she also just wore it a couple weeks ago, so a bit disappointed we didn’t get to see something else.

    Mary’s hat is much improved with the feathers, and I agree that she was the best dressed of the day. Very sophisticated, very chic.

    Marie and Benedikte confused me with their choice of straw hats. If Marie’s fascinator had been in felt (I wouldn’t change the color, because it would still be great), it would’ve made so much more sense, but this lightweight and transparent sinamay is completely at odds with her coat. Benedikte’s hat was a little better thanks to the color, but it still seemed at odds with the layers and felts others were wearing.

    Overall, not a bad outing, but still some confusion about what season I should be in haha.

  2. I agree with Hatqueen and most commenters in applauding Mary’s wonderful hat and gorgeous outfit, and Benedicte’s clever use of colour to enliven a classic.
    I wince at the visible headband of Marie’s out-of-season fascinator. And I sigh at any repeat of Margrethe’s “naval uniform” style hats, which I find so unflattering, knowing that she has many hats that are more becoming.

  3. Crown Princess Mary’s hat is my favorite of the group. But Princess Marie’s purple fedora from last year is even better!
    As an aside, I worry about these ladies wearing such high heels all the time–it looks so painful to me.

  4. Like Jimbo, I noticed the mismatch in seasonality, although the color of Benedikte’s straw takes it successfully into October. Everyone looks very good here, but I’d pick Mary’s hat as the most royal in the group. I think the crown could be a little shorter, though.

  5. These hats are all fine. I like Princess Mary’s especially, probably in part because her whole outfit is so stunning. White and blue can be such a striking combination and it is here. What I noticed is the ladies have their hair in secure buns with their hats firmly planted, maybe in case it turned out to be as windy as last year. Perhaps Princess Marie chose the headband because it was not likely to blow away.

  6. Love all the hats today! I wish Margrethe would, from time to time, wear something with more of a brim. She is a tall woman, and I think she could carry of a larger hat with ease. Hat Queen, it seems that we are seeing more large-brimmed hats on our royal ladies in recent weeks. Just a coincidence, or is it a new trend? I myself love the dignity and presence that a larger hat gives to a royal personage.

  7. I loved Mary’s hat, I liked the color of Margrethe’s hat and thought the color was great on her. I liked Benedikte’s hat and Marie’s, but I do agree with you that it was a bit summery. All in all, not a bad turnout for the ladies. They looked good

  8. The Queen’s hat is a good vibrant colour, and overall works well, although I do think it verges on creating hat-baldness, which is a risk Margrethe often runs.

    Marie’s little decorated headband is pretty enough, but more suited to a summer wedding than this sort of event. Benedikte’s hat is as you say simple but effective (the right scale to match the occasion).

    I like Mary’s hat, a good strong statement shape, and relatively simple trim (because it’s the same colour). I noticed Order of Splendor has found a link to what seems perhaps the same hat worn in 2012, but it’s difficult to tell if the colour is the same.

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