Queen Maxima Opens Rotterdam Health Conference

Queen Máxima was in Rotterdam yesterday to attended the first day of the 5th European Nursing Congress themed around the topic of elder care. For this event, she repeated her large black velvet felt Garbo hat with curved brim. For a dramatic hat, the embellishment on this design is surprisingly subdued- just a curved quill and knotted grosgrain ribbon hat band. While the trim is low key, the scale and presence of this hat is most grand and on Máxima, it makes a dramatic and fantastic millinery statement.


Queen Maxima, Oct 4, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn:  January 6, 2016; November 8, 2015
This hat has already made it to our short list for favourite repeated design in 2016- what are your thoughts about it after seeing this outing in Rotterdam?
Photos from social media as indicated; Lex Van Lieshout via ANP

13 thoughts on “Queen Maxima Opens Rotterdam Health Conference

  1. I still adore this hat, but I prefer the quill detailing to be worn on the side, instead of the front as she did this time. My only other complaint is I don’t like the double ruffled layer of fabric on the bottom of her dress; I think just a single layer would’ve been better. Overall though a very chic outing, and as LBG said, I always enjoy how Máxima embraces the wearing of gloves so much!

  2. Queen Maxima can wear a large hat like no one else. I do prefer this hat as she wore it previously with the bow and quill to the side. The little bow looks rumpled and frayed here, and doesn’t need to be front and center.

  3. What a spectacular look! Although the grosgrain ribbon can be seen in previous wearings, I don’t see the little bow. Is it a new addition or am I missing it? The bow goes beautifully with the bow at the neck of the dress.

  4. A fabulous hat, perfectly styled. Outfit and earrings just right. Bonus points for the Audrey-Hepburn-level addition of black gloves (I’m so glad that Maxima embraces Hat-And-Gloves). One teeny quibble – the dress length and sleeve length could be longer, for more sophistication – but still, a spectacularly chic ensemble.

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