Norwegian Royals Host State Visit

Members of the Norwegian royal family gathered at the royal palace in Oslo on Monday to greet President Tony Tan of Singapore and Mrs. Mary Tan.

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Queen Sonja repeated a navy pillbox hat we saw her first debut two years ago for another Asian state visit. This week’s outing gives us a much better view of the hat and matching coat which book look to be out of navy dyed Karakul fur. I recognise that fur is a controversial material for royal fashion (particularly for something relatively new) and while this hat and coat look like faux fur to me, it is impossible to tell from photos. Controversy aside, the simple hat is a lovely colour on Sonja. I’m just not wowed by it.

   Queen Sonja, Oct 10, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: October 13, 2014

Princess Mette-Marit repeated her purple wool calot hat. We have seen this piece numerous times before and I’m afraid, this outing ranks among my least favourite. Reaching into one’s royal closet, selecting all the purple items then wearing them together is not likely to create harmonious ensemble….. and as we see here, it did not.


Princess Astrid topped her vibrant blue and green suit with a coordinating hat. In what looks like jade straw, the brimless design follows a modified Fez shape trimmed with blue straw flowers and leaves on the side. The colour is magnificent on Astrid and while I’m not partial to the suit, the hat certainly coordinates well. Hopefully, we’ll see her wear it again soon so we can have a closer peek.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
What do you think of this trio of autumnal Norwegian royal hats?
Photos from Getty as indicated; Jamie Koh/The Straights Times and NTB Scanpix

24 thoughts on “Norwegian Royals Host State Visit

  1. Is it weird that the only thing about Mette Marit’s look that bothers me is the shiny shoes with matte tights? For some reason, I’m always bothered by that combination when I see it; I guess I’d prefer suede over patent here.

    As far as hats go, I kind of love that MM does her own thing with hat placement. She’s comfortable in it an makes it her own. As to the other hats, they’re all ok and I too would like to get a chance to peek at them closer.

  2. Mette-Marit likes to wear her calots like a snood, though usually snoods are a netting material? Her coat doesn’t really go, but I still think she looks lovely overall. Sonja and Astrid’s hats match their outfits exactly and look good in that context.

  3. But at least Mette Marit is wearing a hat! It isn’t a headband or a fascinator or a hair ornament, it really is a hat! So don’t say anything that might put her off! I think if only she had done up the coat, so that we didn’t get the competition from the dress, the outfit would have been pretty successful.

  4. I looked at the pictures twice yesterday and found I was at a loss for words. This morning, I really can’t add anything of note, except that the word “elegant” could not be used to describe any of the hats and coats and dresses.

  5. I actually just love the Crown Princess’ hat! It looks really streamlined, simple, and elegant. I especially love her coat, but not with the fussy blouse and purple tights.

  6. I think MM just wears what she feels comfortable in. And when she’s comfortable she feels good and she’s happy. I think Maxima has some of that going on too at times.

  7. I think the Queen would have done better to have left off the boots. I don’t know what to say about about MM bless her heart. Royal Hats said it best, she just reached into her closet and pulled out all the purple. That coat! I was actually inspired to look up the Singapore national colors to see if purple was involved. It wasn’t. In my eyes Princess Astrid can’t do anything wrong.

  8. I don’t mind Sonja’s hat and outfit, but I don’t find it terribly exciting either. Seems suited more to regular royal duties rather than a state visit.

    Mette-Marit would look much better if she was wearing a plain grey coat rather than the one she chose. Definitely too many shades of purple, and I don’t care for her fringed clutch either. I don’t mind the hat considering we usually only get headbands, and I like the color of it especially.

    Astrid wins the hat stakes for me this time (as she so often does!). The colors are beautiful for her (they are also the colors that feature pretty prominently in my outfit yesterday too haha). I’m not such a fan of the jungle pattern of her outfit however; an all-blue skirt and jacket would’ve been much better, but always great to see her out!

  9. In my opinion the Norwegians had an off day all around. Queen Sonya’s outfit was too bulky. While I liked the hat I think it would have fared better with a different outfit. Mette-Marit’s outfit was just bad, from the mismatched purples to the purple tights and misplaced hat. I just don’t know what she saw when she looked in the mirror. The hat might look better with a different outfit and I just don’t understand a hat that defies gravity. She also certainly favors the middle part. Oh, well there is always another day.

  10. Mette-Marit’s outfit today was all over the map. Every color of purple was clashing with each other. On their own, it probably would have worked. Queen Sonya looked fine although the scarf seemed to take over her outfit in some of the photos. Her choice of flat boots, however, just didn’t look right at this setting.

  11. I sort of love how Mette-Marit wears her hats so far back – it’s unconventional but it’s very her, and it fits within the “sleek Nordic ice princess” vibe. I know I’m in the minority here, though!

  12. The queen’s ensemble was too busy–too many parts and blocks of color. None of the parts was objectionable in itself, but all together it was unfocused. Almost hard to tell what to think of the hat with everything else that is going on. Although a flattering color, it did not seem remarkable. Under other circumstances, it might seem rather too well matched to the jacket, but that certainly can’t be complained of here!

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