Seeing Double: Duchess of Cambridge

Royal HatsSeveral of you have requested a closer, side by side comparison of the hat the Duchess of Cambridge wore for her arrival in Canada three weeks ago and its red twin, worn for the Diamond Jubilee Flotilla Parade on the Thames on June 3, 2012. Here you are:

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

There are some ever so slight differences between these pieces besides the obvious colour and embellishment- different thicknesses of felt give a narrower rim (with visible stitching) and inside moulded pleat on the red design. This, along with the more angular daffodil trim, makes the red hat look little more crisp than the blue version.

Having seen these two hats side by side I’m now curious, dearest readers- which version do you prefer?

Photos from Getty as indicated

30 thoughts on “Seeing Double: Duchess of Cambridge

  1. There is also a Green one that is very similar that she wore Christmas 2015

    My preference is the red one – I like the sharper edge to it. But its so close. The style suits her and it isn’t a fascinator (a trend which I hope is over)

  2. I absolutely love both of them. The red looks a bit larger, bolder, and with her hair down, and the bit of plaid in there, the long sleeved dress, a little less formal in style…perfection. The blue hat combined with her stylish hairdo is scaled perfectly with her dress, both being a bit more formal and refined. Perfect!!

  3. I like them both though the red is slightly more her color. the updo hairstyle makes it a bit more formal, she looks great in both of them

  4. I absolutely love them both!

    I would like to see them again, but with less monochromatic outfits since these two are already so iconic. As we have seen on two queens in the last week, red and grey is a great color combo, and I think something in any shade of grey would be awesome with the red hat. I would like to see the blue hat paired with a dark forest green ensemble for a color combo we rarely see in royal sartorial circles.

  5. I like the way the trim on the blue looks like one unified element instead of the two pieces on the red. Besides, it’s blue! But these are both beautiful and flattering.

  6. I love both these hats! The size is perfect. The foral detailing is very pretty and provides lots of textural detail. The two colors are great. I’d wear this style any day and in any color. It’s worn best with Catherine’s hair set in a low bun as she did in Canada.

  7. She wore a very similar red one on arrival during her first visit to Canada the year she was married. I like them equally but her hair sets off the blue one best. I’m not a fan of long wind blown hair after age 30 but that is just my personal preference

    • Not so similar- this one (worn July 1, 2011) has a flat straw base with rolled brim, straw fluted flowers and silk maple leaves.

      Embed from Getty Images

  8. I like them both equally, both stunning hats which look fab on Kate. I think the styling of the blue one has the edge and shows how much she’s come on; a sophisticated updo and major jewels just take this into a much more regal look.
    Was good to see the red one out again recently; Kate’s strategy of re-wearing after a decent interval is a good one, and she always mixes the looks up too.

  9. When the red hat made its debut, I thought it was the most lovely hat that the Duchess has worn. The color is stunning on her and the style is quite flattering. When she wore the blue hat recently, it reminded me of the red hat I loved so much, and now, side by side, you can see why. both colors are gorgeous on her, and I agree with Jimbo that her hair in the blue hat looks better. Regardless, it’s a successful piece of millinery for her, and hopefully she will wear both in the years to come.

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