Catching Up With The Imperial Royals

Back on October 12th, , Princess Akiko of Mikasa attended the 14th Commendation Ceremony of People’s Self Defence Officers in Tokyo. For this event, she wore an interesting navy wool top hat with rolled brim and bright turquoise hat band. The shape is a surprise on an Imperial head and while I applaud ANY millinery experimentation in this family, I’m not sure it’s the best shape for Akiko. The bright hat band, however, is a win.

Princess Akiko, Oct 12, 2016 | Royal Hats

On October 14, Princess Hisako of Takamado visited an elementary school while on a trip to Kobe City where she witnessed a disaster preparation drill. She wore a simple black bumper style hat that coordinated well with her black and white suit.

Princess Hisako, Oct 14, 2016 | Royal Hats

And finally, Princess Nobuko of Mikasa was in Kagawa Prefecture over the weekend. On Saturday, she visited the National Leprosy Sanatorium in Takamatsu City in this pale staw pork pie crowned hat with rolled brim, wide grey hat band and pheasant feather trim. It’s a great informal hat that feels stylish on the princess. And how great is it to see some pheasant feathers on an Imperial royal hat? Next time, double the size, please.

Princess Nobuko, Oct 22, 2016 | Royal Hats

What do you think of this trio of Imperial hats?

Photos from SankeiKobe Shimbun; and Yomiuri

7 thoughts on “Catching Up With The Imperial Royals

  1. It’s interesting to see how Princess Hisako adapts that versatile little black bumper to a non-funereal occasion. I love her smart and snappy take on a black-and-white theme.

  2. I agree with you, Hat Queen, that I am not sure the hat shape on Princess Akiko is the best, but her suite is very elegant.
    I like Princess Hisako’s hat and suit.
    It is unusual to see Imperial royal ladies in pants, isn’t it? Princess Nobuko looks delightful.

  3. I like Akiko’s hat, and enjoy the asymmetry of the top of the crown for something different; my love of the ocean blue hatband should be obvious! 😉

    While Hisako looks good, I find this hat a bit boring compared to what she normally wears.

    Finally, more feathers for all the Japanese imperials! Love Nobuko’s hat and her emerald jacket, and I find it very interesting so see her in trousers.

    Overall, a great showing of hattery!

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