Dutch Monarchs Visit Almelo and Northeast Twente

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima paid a regional visit to Almelo and Northeast Twente yesterday during which the queen wore a familiar ruched turban in textured harvest gold velvet. The last time we saw this hat, I was less than complimentary… a stance I’m going to sheepishly contract now, based on this outing. Granted, the hat is still not among my favourites (and is still too reminiscent of a pincushion or brain to be considered truly attractive) but its styling yesterday with  Máxima’s teal dress, coat and statement earrings was simply brilliant. The bold ensemble makes the hat a complimentary touch (instead of a ‘sticks out like a sore thumb’ one) and the use of other caramel-gold accessories magically ties the outfit all together. If Queen Máxima is going to wear this hat, this is exactly how to wear it.


Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images


Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: April 27, 2015October 18, 2013December 7, 2012
Not all was smooth sailing for Maxima, however, as this video shows. Even queens have difficulty conducting forest walks in heels.
I can only imagine the responses you have for my about-face turn on this hat (only in this context and with this ensemble) and can’t wait to hear them! What do you think- is my admiration for this ensemble completely bonkers?
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20 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Visit Almelo and Northeast Twente

  1. I remember the first time I saw this hat. My little niece came in the room and looked at my computer and said, “That lady is pretty, but why did she wrap yarn around her head?” I had to laugh and agree with her. However, HatQueen, I agree with you. I like this hat combined with this ensemble.

  2. I agree with you HatQueen; this is a textbook example of how context can make or break a hat — in this case, how intelligent styling can change a hat from drab to fab.
    The use of a universal colour such as teal to counteract the problematic effect of the mustardy (warm) hat against Maxima’s pale (cool) skin, is a perfect move.The fuzzy texture of the mohair coat teams readily with the convoluted and wintry texture of the hat; while the equally textured and chunky earrings link those two textures together. The simplicity of the dress and coat provide an uncluttered structural backdrop, yet the overall silhouette is very sophisticated. Bye bye “knitted beanie”, hello proper hat!

  3. I actually like the hat with this dress and looking back the only time I would say it doesn’t work is when her hair was worn down. It is definitely not a traditional hat look but seems to be a hat that goes with Maxima’s style.

  4. I agree with you, Hat Queen! She looks amazing here and the hat works with the teal and camel in her outfit. I actually like the fuzzy cape with the texture of this hat. Her hair definitely needs to be up for this hat to work. The sum is better than the individual parts in this ensemble.

  5. I’m sorry, I just can’t “wrap my head” around any of this ensemble. “Gold” is not the color that comes to mind with this hat.
    Not only brain-like, this head reminds me of a neighbor’s pet;

  6. Hey, the hat works and it’s not so bad. If any component of an ensemble is in question all it takes to fix it is a good stylist (be it the professional or princess in question) to see the best way to properly wear an item of clothing. The two things I’d leave off of this outfit are the earrings and the cape-effect on the dress.

  7. The colour combo I can get on board with. There’s just too much of everything else. Texture, sleeves, volume, dangly earrings.

    But this is Máx; she mixes it up and tries things out. So sometimes she gets it a bit wrong. Without that sense of adventure though, she’d be nowhere near as fabulous as she is.

    So I say hurrah for her for her sense of adventure!

  8. I’m gonna disagree and say this is my least favorite outing of this hat. Her hair being completely up in it this time is what makes it truly awful for me (the hat itself just needs to be burned, and I rarely ever say that about hats!); and the texture of the hat with the furry coat (along with the color contrasts) just doesn’t work for me. I do like her dress however, and her smile is always stunning! And really hilarious to watch her lose a shoe, like she’s an ordinary person haha.

  9. I think Queen Maxima looked best in her 1st and 2nd appearances in this hat. I don’t think there is enough gold in this outfit to justify wearing a gold hat. The hat itself is pretty ugly. But when it highlights her beautiful face and hides her sometimes less beautiful hair, I suppose it serves its purpose.

  10. I think it’s fine to change your mind about liking (or disliking) a hat – this one is got a pass from me and the color is always good on her. But YIKES – that fuzzy cape on the dress – YUCK!

  11. HatQueen, I always doubt myself when I disagree with you! On the plus side, I agree that this is the best styling we’ve seen for this hat. Also, the dark gold, a color Maxima wears so well, is lovely with the teal. Repeating this color in the gloves and hat really ties the hat in.

    BUT the fuzzy cape (coat?) clashes with the color of the dress and texture of the hat. And, ultimately, it’s still a weird hat! Her caramel slice would be stunning.

    • I fully expect not everyone to like this! Honestly, I don’t like this hat…. but I like the styling of this ensemble. I’ll plan to do a post next week of all the other outfits Maxima has worn with this hat and I think the success of this one will be glaring in comparison!

  12. To me it looks like a walnut shell perched on her head. Not a fan of the color or texture, but it does frame her face beautifully. I didn’t think I would like it with the blue, but somehow it worked for her. What I want to know is how does she keep those enormous earrrings on?! It is always a delight to see her. She is a very exuberant, colorful queen, and totally unique.

  13. Still not a fan, though I will say the hat frames the queen’s face beautifully. I think the color combination is too jarring (and there are too many parts to the teal ensemble). As usual, however, HM carries it off regardless. Courageous dresser!

  14. I quite agree with you: It certainly isn’t my favourite on Maxima, but it looks much better with yesterday’s teal outfit than with the previous ones. It has a nice autumnal feel to it. Wearing her hair tucked underneath the hat is an advantage, too, I think.

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