British Royals Welcome Colombian State Visit

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh welcomed Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (recipient of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize) and Maria Clemencia de Santos to Buckingham Palace this morning to kick off a two-day state visit. The Queen repeated her frosty lime wool coat and matching hat with hourglass shaped crown (it also has a Pork Pie domed top visible during its last outing) and pale yellow-green straw upfolded brim. I suppose the use of a light straw brim, white silk peony trim  makes this felt crowned hat a good transitional one to wear between seasons but the fresh shade of green it reads so springy to me that need to remind myself we’re at the beginning of November (not April!).

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: June 28, 2016

The Duchess of Cornwall repeated a hat many of us have long been wishing to see again! Her teal green straw hat in a modified boater shape features a flat, straight sided crown and raised brim on one side. Trimmed with a wide hat velvet band, inverted edging around the brim and unique interlocking ring trim that contrasts with the simple lines of the hat, this design is a striking one. The colour is particularly beautiful on Camilla and makes me wish for her to integrate more jewel-toned designs into her millinery wardrobe. My only qualm about this ensemble is the blue dress which I’m not sure compliments the green hat and coat but I suspect in person, these colours coordinated more harmoniously than we see here.

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Between these two green royal hats, I have an obvious favourite. What are your thoughts of the designs we saw to kick off the Colombian state visit today?
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20 thoughts on “British Royals Welcome Colombian State Visit

  1. Fantastic outfit and color for Camilla. LOVE the Senora’s outfit and yes, it needed a hat to completely make an impact!

  2. HM’s lime hat: it’s hard for me to feel any love for this one.
    Firstly, the colour is tough on HM’s complexion, given the unfortunate use of dark orange-y foundation which the Royal Makeup team always select these days( and which shows a tideline along her jaw in every side-on view!). The lime green makes that “orange” effect more pronounced. Secondly, seeing one big contrasting flower used as trim makes me think immediately of “quick and easy ideas to make any hat race-day ready”. That said, thanks to the different styling this time around, I like the hat better. Gone are the white gloves from the last outing, which competed for attention with the white flower. Gone is the bitty tiny-patterned dress, which didn’t support the maxi scale of the flower; and gone are the minutely-detailed brooch and ineffective half-buried necklace. Now that we see a plain dress (not competing with the hat), clearly visible lines of pearls ( clean unfussy neckline definition) and a large- scale chunky brooch (balancing the size of the flower) the whole look feels sharp, anchored and hat-centric. Not ground-breaking, but satisfying nevertheless.
    Camilla’s dark teal hat: I love this hat, which contains so many winning elements. What I enjoy most is the play of textures, and the different sorts of sheen which add richness and interest.
    By rights this entire ensemble should be a knockout – the hat suits Camilla, and we already know that she looks great in dark monochrome ensembles in cool colours — but this ensemble lacks the usual Duchess of Cornwall WOW factor – instead, it just looks heavy. The problem is the unfocussing effect of the “napkin” neckline provided by the turquoise silk dress . Camilla typically highlights her face and neck with big jewellery – earrings and pearl choker necklaces; and I feel her best look with this hat was on Nov 28,2007, where a large pearl necklace and a textured cut leather(?) collar reflected the texture of the hat.

  3. Both hats are great. I like this Angela Kelly, as I think the bold single flower trim works really well (better than some of the fussier trim we sometimes see) and the colour combination is a winner. It’s generally been sunny and bright and warm here, over recent weeks, although the last couple of days have been chillier, but perhaps the decision on which outfit was made a few days ago! Anyway, I think she got away with it. Camilla’s hat is great, so nice as always to see one of her large hats, as not very many of our royal ladies wear anything on that scale on a regular basis (or indeed can pull them off).

  4. I have to give it to QEII she looks beter then her Colombian guest, she is wayyyyy better dressed!
    as for Camilla the hat looks great, the color on the other hand is too dark for her pale complexion.

  5. I do not dislike the Queen’s ensemble – I know it was chilly yesterday but not really ‘November cold’ and we have had unseasonably warm weather here in the UK so far this autumn so perhaps HM didn’t feel the need for a heavier coat. As for the hat – well I generally dislike the Angela Kelly hourglass shape and I really think she should move on to something less harsh. Having seen the recent exhibition of HM’s clothes at Windsor my friend and I concluded that the quality in Kelly’s tailoring and millinery just weren’t up to the standard of the likes of Parvin and RTM.

    The handbag isn’t one I have noticed before but it certainly comes from her regular supplier Launer. ( someone I know in the leather trade says they all get terribly excited at Launer when there is a good photo of HM with one of their bags and the distinctive catch. They are very proud of their association with the Queen)

    The Pink dress is interesting – not just as a dress change but also the neckline seems wider than HM usually wears.

    As for DoCornwall – love the colour but somehow it feels a little all over solid to me. And that trim on the hat – I am sure it is a millinery tour de force – but I just see writhing sea serpent and I struggle to get past that. Oh my goodness I do go on.

  6. If HM’s hat had feathers instead of the flower, I think this would have potential to look less spring-like, but I am a bit surprised she chose this for the first day of November. Nevertheless, I still think it’s a great ensemble, and even more improved with this dress compared to the previous one, in my opinion.

    As for Camilla, ask, and ye shall receive! Are Camilla and her crew reading these comments? In her last (purple) outing I requested the return of this teal hat, and I got my wish. Now I’m wishing for more saturated colors! Haha. At any rate, still one of my all-time absolute favorites for Camilla; she looks simply stellar in this hat!

    I was a bit disappointed Señora Clemencia decided not to wear a hat; I bet she can rock a wider brim hardcore!

  7. MrFitzroy is a bit contrarian here…The “spring green” can also read as a frosty or iced green, and can be appropriate for fall…pehaps call it ‘frozen daiquiri green’ — shall we?
    In fact, as much as The Queen looks wonderful in deep saturated tones, she really sparkles in these ‘subdued acidy’ colors…no matter the time of year.
    Unfortunately, the hat does not seem improved on it’s repeat. The flower still looks bottom shelf craft store, and the foliage looks cheap at best, plastic at worst. The straw brim either photographs badly, or is just the wrong color to work. It is one of those suffering from a moderate case of Kelly-itis, it’s not awful, it just is not particularly good — the shapes don’t quite work together, the attenuation is disconcerting, and it just looks a bit like perhaps it has been reflected in a fun house mirror.
    In spite of all that, Her Majesty looks fabulous — and nice to see a lesser worn ruby brooch bringing an unexpected note to the ensemble. (and a second ruby brooch with the outfit change later in the day!)
    Congrats to Jimbo and SnugHarbor for catching the dress variation beneath HM coat!

  8. Wish we could see that dress in its entirety. The top and the bottom seem to be of different fabrics:
    Embed from Getty Images
    Odder yet is that later in the day (everyone else was wearing the same clothes), the Queen was wearing her pink Paris 2014 dress:
    Embed from Getty Images
    Not normal behavior. She usually just has her brooch repined from coat to dress. Today both are new. (Same purse.)

  9. I like both hats – but my vote goes to the Queen’s frosty lime model (I also love peonies) such a cheerful combination. As for being seasonal – let’s call it a fond farewell to summer and spring. I’m also curious about her handbag – it looks less boxy than her usual models and I like it very much. Is this its first outing? I really like it and I don’t think I ever said those words about one of her handbags before.

  10. Like most others, I like the outfit enough, but it’s wayyyy too springy for the weather here, it’s quite chilly, and today was quite foggy in London. I was expecting to see a much thicker coat, I certainly had mine on today! Good to see the coat with its original dress, I like the solid colour, just not for a November day…

  11. I should like this hat, but I feel like the size of it, combined with the dark color of the whole outfit, are weighing down the Duchess’s look.

  12. I adore Camilla’s teal hat. It is perfection. The tear drop? beneath her brooch is the same colour as the blouse/scarf beneath her coat. The colour combo doesn’t bother me.
    HM always looks good in bright colors. Perhaps she wishes it was spring and not November!

  13. I love the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat and coat. She looks wonderful. HM’s lime green is not a favorite, but she does look wonderful in bright, vivid colors.

  14. As much as I love the Queen in pale lime, I am not sure it is a colour for November, so I am going to vote for Camilla’s ensemble. Having said that, I do wonder about the dress/scarf/blouse? under it. The colour just doesn’t seem to go with the coat and hat. In the end, the dark green hat is maginficent so let it win!

    • I agree with you 100%. Did you notice that HM has a different, plain green dress on, and not the floral print that brought up a semi-comical debate (along with the horticultural name for the flower on the hat) in the June post?

      • I love that you all catch these things with your eagle eyes! You’re right- it’s a different dress which lends a far less spring-like vibe to this ensemble than the floral one did. And, have we agreed on this flower? I believe I was strongly chastised for calling it a magnolia originally…!

      • The floral dress worn last time was the dress that went with that beautiful bright chartreuse green coat and RTM hat worn for the D-day ceremony
        Embed from Getty Images
        I do like both green hats and agree that this coat is surprisingly spring-like for November!

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