Day 1 of Dutch State Visit to New Zealand

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima arrived in Wellington today to kick off a three day state visit to New Zealand. For their official welcome at Government House along with visits to Parliament, the National War Memorial, Park Road Post production studios and the Great War Exhibition, Queen Máxima wore a new upswept ‘slice’ brimmed hat in black straw.

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I suppose it was inevitable that she would add a black version to the arsenal of this standard shape in her millinery wardrobe and this one, trimmed simply with a black grosgrain ribbon hat band, looks great. Its pairing with Máxima’s green ikat tribal printed dress is a beautiful one and I think, made for my favourite ensemble during this tour.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new
What do you think of this new hat in Wellingdon today?
Photos from Getty as indicated

24 thoughts on “Day 1 of Dutch State Visit to New Zealand

  1. I was there! Maxima was beautiful despite the rain. In the photo where you see the rain, I was standing right in front of The Queen. She mostly spoke in Dutch and when she realised I didn’t understand a thing, she spoke to me in English. The King was close too – he looks very young and was so happy. Had an absolutely lovely viewing of them – thrilled to be there.

  2. WOW. That Givenchy leopard print dress is arguably the most figure-flattering shape Maxima has worn all season, and I am thrilled to see it again. The Queen could safely ditch all those waist-thickening dresses designed by you-know-who, and get copies of this shape in an assortment of colours –.in line with suggestions by a number of commenters in relation to this equally fabulous and flattering hat. The rest of the details – hair, earrings, gloves, and cape are perfect. And Maxima’s wearing of black, the national sporting colour of New Zealand, may just be a coincidence….but however it came about, perfect!

  3. Love the hat – love the whole outfit. Well done Max. Even her hat pins (three of them, you can’t be too careful in Wellington – I’m not kidding) don’t appear to be sticking as far out the back of the hat as usual.

    Just for anyone that’s interested – that’s our new Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy standing beside Willem-Alexander. Her husband is Sir David Gascoigne … they got married a week before her swearing-in in September.

    The Royal couple are laying silver ferns, the de facto national symbol of NZ, on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Cyathea dealbata (ponga in Maori has green leaves with a markedly silver underside that’s said to glow brightly in moonlight and so provide a good track marker. It has been used by the armed forces since 1899 (Boer War) and was the predominant badge in the Army by World War I.

    You may also know it from the chest of the All Black uniform (and all other national sports teams). Our national netball team is known as the Silver Ferns.

  4. Absolutely fantastic! A complete WOW! This is an elegant outfit while still having a color element of green in the dress. The shawl is great and this style of hat sooo suits her. Way to go Max!

  5. I’m glad to see a new color for this very familiar (although fantastic) shape, especially since she has so many in the neutral/beige range. The black is very sophisticated on her here, and I love it paired with her wrap, gloves, and umbrella. I’m not as thrilled about the dress, but it does work rather well with this hat.

    While I understand the drama is with the shape of this hat, I do wish Máxima wore a few more hats with more trimmings (feathers and loops, etc.) like she did when she was Crown Princess. I miss some of the goodies of those days.

  6. Queen Maxima looks great in Wellington and her hat looks great in my hometown!

    Just a comment, the Great War Exhibition is at the former Dominion Museum Building (not the Old Buckle Street Museum) and it’s Wellington not Wellingdon.

  7. I love the hat. It is dramatic and lovely, and it is a shape that works well on her. Her hair is wonderful styled the way. It is off her face and doesn’t interfere with the hat. I never get tired of this silhouette on her, because it is glamorous and chic. She carries it off so well too. I didn’t care for the dress at first glance, but it looks fine with the hat, and as always, she carries off the entire look with aplomb.

  8. A stunning look for Max, as always. And the perfect hat for rain–the brim could act as a gutter sluicing the water down the back!

  9. Love this hat on Queen Maxima, although I was surprised to hear that it is new, as it is a shape we have seen many times before. Surprising she did not already own it in black! I love how her hair is styled with the hat. The whole look, including earrings, frames her face beautifully. Agree with Bristol that she needs to look at Camilla’s hats for inspiration–Maxima is tall and striking enough for any amount of hat-drama.

  10. Maxima wears dramatic large hats, and for that I’m grateful, as it isn’t so common these days. It does feel , though, that this is the only shape they come in! It certainly suits her and goes well with her outfits, but I wish she would have a look at Camilla’s large hats and get some more inspiration.

  11. Although I am not an expert, I love this shape on Max. I also am impressed with Japanese Royal ladies hats, especially for the funeral. They look poised, elegant and sophisticated. Does anyone know where I could have one made? Or perhaps recommend the proper search terms,,,I am just not finding anything. Many thanks, Jane

  12. This is a wonderful shape hat for Queen Maxima. It is dramatic, doesn’t hide her face, lets her earrings be seen, and her hair looks really nice in that side swoop roll. I think this style hat has always been a winner, no matter what color it is.

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