This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Excellent coverage of the Prince Mikasa’s funeral over at The Imperial Family Of Japan blog along with detail and photos of related events (enshrinement of the spirit and grave rites after the funeral). 

Princess Mako in a smart grey flannel bumper hat on Friday to honour this year’s recipients of the Order of Culture and the Persons of Cultural Merit.

Tatiana Santo Domingo Casiraghi wore an elaborate black feathered headpiece for her brother’s Halloween wedding this week

Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg also shared a photo of their elaborate Halloween headwear. Yesterday, Princess Tessy snapped herself in a cozy winter hat.

Prince Henrik in a dapper fedora enjoying the Hubertus Hunt this weekend with his dachshund and grandchildren (Svenskdam)

The Swedish royal court shared a lovely new portrait of Prince Oscar in a knit cap (don’t miss this side by side comparison of a similar photo taken of his elder sister at about the same age).


News broke this week about a new relationship for Prince Harry. If you read one thing about American actress Meghan Markle, let it be this post on her blog, in her own words. Impressive.

And finally… the much anticipated Netflix series “The Crown” was released this weekend. If you’re able to overlooking some glaring historical inaccuracies (the addition of Wallis Simpson’s presence at the abdication of King Edward VIII, for example), the scale of production is impressive and the costumes are glorious. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Re The Crown… mean Edward VIII (8) not XIII (13), right? *grin* Love the blog, read it regularly, thanks for the updates!

  2. Great features, HatQueen! Meghan Markle does indeed sound like a woman with a heart and brains. I loved the story of her childhood campaign to convince the detergent advertiser that not only women wash dishes. (If only that thinking would catch on in my household…)

    I was skeptical about The Crown, but they’re doing a good job. The Queen is such a pro that it’s easy to forget how young and inexperienced she once was. The production values are very good, with dazzling scenes in Kenya. Jared Harris is especially moving as King George. Can’t wait for the Coronation!

  3. My goodness–definitely a woman of substance is MM, our new cynosure of all eyes. Miss Megan has a good brain, a good heart and a good way of writing. I know I’m impressed–and there’s somehow a touch of the Duchess of C. when I see her photo. And, not at all insignificant are the photos of MM with children in Africa that mirror many of Harry’s! Hmmm…

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