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Royal Hats

On Monday, Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako attended the 30th anniversary ceremony of a foreign language exchange program and on Thursday, the couple spent the day in Gifu. Masako wore a pair of simple hats with rolled brims for these two events- doesn’t she look fantastic in blue? (Imperial Family of Japan blog)

Crown Princess Masako, November 7, 2016 | Royal Hats

Crown Princess Masako, November 10, 2016 | Royal Hats  Crown Princess Masako, November 10, 2016 | Royal Hats

Way back on October 3, Princess Michael donned a newsboy cap for the PAD London 2016 art fair preview. It’s a great look with her streamlined ensemble but is it a great look for her? (PAD London 2016)

Princess Michael of Kent, Oct 3, 2016 | Royal Hats  Princess Michael of Kent, Oct 3, 2016 | Royal Hats

Some lovely photographs of a veiled Duchess of Cornwall taken on her and The Prince of Wales’ visit to the United Arab Emirates this week

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images


 Royal Hats

300 members of the Habsburg family received in audience with the Pope during a family pilgrimage to the Vatican on the occasion of the Jubilee of Mercy (Luxarazzi)

On a more serious note… after reading several articles from The Daily Mail this week that described Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle and her family in derogatory and racist terms, I feel compelled to publicly say something because it is NOT all right. From now on, there will not be any content from The Daily Mail shared here at Royal Hats and I strongly encourage all of you royal fans to take on a zero tolerance approach to accepting racism in royal reporting whenever you see it, no matter who the subject.

27 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. How can we get this blue and white hat on a regular rotation for Masako?? It is absolutely wonderful!

    I also thought Princess Michael looked quite nice.

    And brava for no longer linking to the Daily Fail. They’ve long irritated me, but I kept going back because they usually had great (and large!) photos of the royals compared to everyone else. No more!

  2. Dear Hat Queen:

    Good on you for your Daily Mail stand!

    Everyone looks great and I *do* like PMichael’s newsboy hat…it looks GREAT on her!

    P.S. It’s spelled Emirates

    • Well, I’m feeling the love from you all, especially in a time where we hear about much hate. Thanks for your affirmation and for making this blog such a fun place to hang out. You are all, quite simply, the best.

      And, spelling correction made!

    • SalannB:
      You and I should stick together – we are the only ones who agree on PMichael’s ensemble!
      Kate’s current 8 black hats are wonderful, except #3.

  3. THANK YOU HatQueen for your comment. Happy to forgo any future visits to the dailymail. While in the past they often had some of the better photos of royal events, the poisonous rhetoric of that rag (is it still a rag when it’s online?) was becoming too much to bear. Your post is the first time MrFitzroy has smiled in several days. Very proud to be part of this wonderful blog.

  4. could you republish your link to mehan markle’s blog? I did read it and I am blown away by the maturity and desire to make a difference in the world that this young is exemplifying. She is all that is bright and beautiful and leading to a better future. would that more people make that kind of a positive choice in their lives.

  5. Yes, thank you for taking a stand against the Daily Mail and any other publications for that matter. We all have to take a stand like this.
    Besides, there are many other sources to choose from – ones that make positive statements and enlighten instead of spreading hate, etc.

  6. I applaud you decision regarding Meghan Markle. This is unacceptable being biracial is not a disease it is who she is and I for one think she is a beautiful talented young woman with a very generous heart.

  7. Thank you for speaking up for respect and decency. With all the increasing aggression and contempt in the western world it is so important to say “Yes” to respect and decency, appreciation and simple love wherever we stand in our lives.

  8. Good for you! I had read there was some racist reporting but didn’t realize it was the DM that was involved, although I will say I’m not surprised. They’ve treated Pippa, in particular, shamefully over the past 5 years. They are the champs of backhanded compliments.

    Regarding Princess Michael, I like the simplicity and cut of what she’s wearing, but the colors don’t do it for me. She looks washed out, and the hues don’t go together. 0

  9. I applaud your decision as well as every comment supporting you here. Each and every one of us must make a stand to uphold the standards of decency and civility.

  10. Wow, am I a loner on this post (just one of the topics, see #2 below!)
    1. CP Masako and D of C both look great in blue.
    2. Princess Michael looks fantastic – a youthful, fun and fresh ensemble for an art fair preview! I think she looks GREAT!
    3. I agree, racism, hatred, and ignorance of others’ differences are all so ugly.
    I’m reminded of the poignant song from 1945’s “South Pacific,” “You Have To Be Carefully Taught.”

  11. Thank you for taking a stand against the Daily Mail’s racist commentary – there is absolutely no room for this in decent society.

  12. Masako is looking so comfortable and glowing! The white and blue hat is super cute on her. The newsboy cap on Princess Mike is cute but a little young for her. She’s trying too hard.

    Joining your boycotting the Daily Mail. The things they said about Meghan are dispicable. it feels like racism is growing and it’s only gonna stop if people call it out. Good for you calling out the reporter on Twitter and for taking a stand. We all need to take a stand together.

    I’m hoping for Meghan and Harry to make it through this. Cheering them on to prove all the racists wrong.

  13. The Daily Mail has become an extremely unpleasant, racist and bigoted newspaper. Sadly a far cry from the newspaper I had dealings with in my career twenty years ago. I will be having nothing further to do with it.

  14. Agreed with all: CP Masako and the DoC look great in blue, but the newsboy is much too young for Princess Michael. I most especially agree with your editorial decision about the Daily Mail, HatQueen. It’s best if we don’t discuss politics here, but I share the feelings expressed by Liz and Chicago Chuck.

  15. Good for you, HatQueen, for speaking out against racism and bigotry. Having lived through the past eighteen months of gruesome electioneering here in the U.S., it seems as though our standards of respect and decency have been turned upside down.
    On the week’s extras: Crown Princess Masako looks wonderful in blue, as does the Duchess of Cornwall. I agree with the others who feel Princess Michael should have left her newsboy’s cap to a younger generation.

  16. I have enjoyed your blog for many months but never took the time to write. Today I am doing so to say thank you so much for your statement today about the coverage of Meghan Markle. There is NO place in modern society for this kind of racism and demeaning coverage.

  17. I think Masako’s two outfits look great on her but yes the blue is stunning. Camilla also looks nice in blue. As to Princess Michael I like the look on her though I know it might be a look for a younger set. I agree racist comments are wrong and hurtful.

  18. Here is a Canadian anti Daily Mail vote too! There is no room for racial or religious intolerance in my world either! I am proud that you took a stand. This is important stuff to speak out about. And on a frivolous note Masako looks stunning in royal blue and looks relaxed and happy. Let us hope her world is a bit better. As for Princess Michael….no. Just no. We all reach a stage when we have to leave some looks to the younger generation.

  19. As an American who is witnessing shocking and disgusting examples of overt racism and xenophobia, etc. after this past week’s election, thank you for your comments about the “news” reports on Prince Harry’s girlfriend. What is the world becoming? I simply don’t understand the hate. I guess the simple adage continues to be correct – you hate in others what you fear most in yourself.

  20. Love the look Princess Michael has on, but doesn’t seem age appropriate. This seems like a younger person’s hat and clothing. On the other hand, blue is a very attractive color on Camilla likely because of her hair color and her blue eyes. She also carries off the flowing clothing she has been wearing on this tour. Age and occasion appropriate. Both the beige and the sapphire blue colors on Crown Princess Masako look wonderful, but you’re right–the blue is absolutely a great color on her. These rolled brim hats are nice because it allows the public to see her face.

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