Remembrance Sunday

Members of the British Royal Family attended the annual Remembrance Sunday Service at the Cenotaph on Whitehall yesterday. Queen Elizabeth led her family in a new black ‘bucket’ style hat. Made of the same fabric as her coat, the hat features a short brim and wide hatband, wrapped diagonally around the design and anchored with buttons. The small brim of the piece works beautifully with the shawl collar on Her Majesty’s coat.

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Designer: unconfirmed. Likely Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Duchess of Cornwall repeated her beautiful black felt hat with flyaway raised brim edged in a wide band of grosgrain ribbon.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: December 25, 2015

The Duchess of Cambridge debuted a classic new hat in black felt with rounded crown and gently upswept brim on one side. The use of  velvet on the wide hat band and brim underside provides lovely textural contrast without compromising the beautifully smooth lines of the design. It’s a great addition to Kate’s inventory of black hats.

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Designer: John Boyd
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Countess of Wessex also wore a new hat. In black felt, the shaped saucer design is trimmed with curling organdie ribbon. Similar to the design she wore to this event in 2014, this new hat has an air of slightly greater refinement that works well for Sophie.

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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Alexandra repeated her black wool hat with tall, domed crown. The hat is trimmed in a ruched hatband of crushed black velvet that is repeated on piping on the brim’s edge and on the collar of Alexandra’s coat.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Nov 8, 2015Nov 10, 2014March 2, 2005; 1996

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Duke of York, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence and Duke of Gloucester were also in attendance. As in years past, these royal men (except for the Duke of Gloucester), dressed in military uniform.

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This ceremony is a beautifully poignant event that draws together royals, politicians, veterans, service personnel and civilians in remembrance. Without loosing sight of this reverence, I’m curious to hear which hats stood out to you most at yesterday’s ceremony.
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33 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday

  1. Remembrance Day is an occasion for solemnity, of course, but I love the comments on the Duchess of Cornwall’s “hat hair” and the tidbit about placements of hats so women may receive a peck on the cheek on the left side!!!
    I do go on about Kate’s free-flowing locks looking bad with her hats, but the side chignon does look so big. Camilla and Sophie both look wonderful. The Queen’s hat isn’t her best look. It is phenomenal to see HM and Prince Philip still looking so good after all these years.

  2. HM’s black hats can be kinda hit or miss, and I’m just not thrilled with this one. The fabric wraps and buttons are an interesting touch, but they can’t cancel out the much too high crown and too small of brim; everything is unbalanced in my opinion.

    Camilla’s hat is still stunning, but I liked it better balanced out with a more grey outfit. At least she didn’t repeat her straw hat with the massive ostrich feathers again!

    It’s nice to see another hat for Kate, and a full-on hat at that! I don’t think this one is as successful as the grey one John Boyd did earlier this year for her, but I blame the coat this time. I think something that could show off a strand of pearls would be better with this hat. It is also nice to see the subtle differences between the velvet and felt parts of this hat, which didn’t really show up on my phone.

    Sophie looks very nice here, and this is definitely better than other hats she has worn to Remembrance Day in the past.

    Camilla, Kate, and Sophie all need to repeat their hats, but with different outfits, preferable not during a time of mourning, to give them more justice!

    At this point, I think Alexandra needs a new black hat. Three years in a row she’s worn the exact same hat and outfit.

    As always, the hat choices for Remembrance Day were a bit up and down, but they always make a good show of it!

  3. I think all of the ladies looked elegant for this important day. I thought it curious that Kate’s hair was off to the side instead of in the back center, maybe to give balance to the side slant of the hat. I also wonder how it is decided who comes to this event. For example Duke of Gloucester but not the duchess….Sophie but not Edward. Maybe they have other commitments? I also want to add, the men look fantastic as well. When I see the Queen and the Duke out and about looking wonderful at their ages I really try to take it in, sadly they will not be part of these events one of these days.

    • Hi Michell for Remembrance Day the convention is that all Royals who hold honorary military posts participate in the ceremony while their spouses who have married into the family watch from the balcony. So you would have seen Sophie on the balcony whilst Edward was below with the other Royals (he was at the ceremony, just not in any of these pictures). The Duchess of Gloucester etc were also at the ceremony watching from the balconies, its just that the press tends to focus on the “big gun”balcony as it were of Camilla, Kate and Sophie.

  4. I love the idea behind the the wrap and especially the button detail on the Queen’s hat, but it’s not especially well carried out. It sort of comes out like the designer didn’t quite know what to do with the extra material. I like it better straight on than in profile. In this picturs it sort of looks like it’s slightly down over one eye, and that also adds a little interest. It’s a sorry collection of hats this year except for Pcss Alexandra and, marginally, Camilla’s. I’d like that better if it didn’t look quite so much like it’s flying off the side of her head. I like Kate’s hat, but not on her. I don’t like the C of W’s hat at all. I’m surprised it’s a new hat because it seems like it’s a style that’s moving toward being passé.

  5. This is the second year in a row that the Queen had a new hat for Remembrance Sunday. The diagonally wrapped fabric on the hat seems to match the coat fabric. (Those hat buttons probably are the same as on the coat too.) Traditionally the Queen’s black hats and black coats have been worn interchangeably. Yesterday’s outfit is an actual set. The bucket shape is not extremely flattering, but the diagonal wrapping provides some interest.
    Everyone looks fine this year, but the Countess of Wessex is perhaps the most chic.

  6. I’ve noticed that hats are almost always “cocked” in the same direction: higher on the left side, swooping down on the right. Can anyone explain why this is, other than most people are right handed?

    • What an interesting question…when I was taught millinery we were told that large hats should be worn over the right eye of a woman because if she is walking with a man he should be on her left hand side (see the picture of HM and Prince Phillip above). With the ladies hat angled over the right eye the man on her left is able to gently kiss her on the left cheek!!! I have always made my hats to sit to the right and have loved this story, probably started way back when the world was a much more romantic place.

  7. Princess Alexandra’s hat may not be new, but I like that she knows what looks good on her and sticks with it. Kate’s hat seemed “off” to me, as well. One of the reasons could be is that with her dark hair, black coat, and black hat, the only other color was that of her face with that “English Rose” complexion. Camilla always looks good in black because her hair color is such a contrast with the rest of her clothing. She also has a tan look to her face, a darker shade which allows her to carry off this color. Sophie’s hat was very pretty. It reminded me of the type of hat Kate usually wears. I am not a big fan of most of HM hats. I think she needs to look to a new designer, one that would design more elegant hats like she used to wear.

  8. Hey, noticed this year that’s Kate appears to have moved from pillboxes to larger hats, e.g. Ascot, grey hat, this hat after 5/6 years as a Royal. Diana also made the transition after a similar time in the role. Could we possibly look at the comparison between these two and their transition?? And if Diana did actually make a transition or just my imagination??

  9. I like all these hats very much. I like the Queen’s hat as the pointed ends of the band provide just a subtle bit of interest and stop the shape being too puddingy. I think Kate’s large hat could have done with being tipped just a centimetre or two further to the same angle as Camilla’s, say, which I think would have balanced the side chignon better. I do like Kate’s hair up much better with hats as a rule, but actually, this is one that I can see working with hair down much better than most! Sophie’s is great, lost of interest, but not at all in-your-face because of the colour. And Camilla’s is a lovely hat, perfect with a very polished ensemble, a really great overall look.

    I was wondering where the Duchess of Gloucester was, as she wasn’t at the Albert Hall on the Saturday evening either. I hope she isn’t unwell. (Not that her hats are ever that exciting, but it’s always nice to see her!)

  10. All of the ladies did very well at this somber event. I love the diagonal movement of the trim on the Queen’s hat.

    I think the DoCa’s is my favorite hat of the bunch. It’s very Max, especially with that side chignon! I can just barely make out the velvet — it must be luscious in person. But the high-collared coat combined with the wide-brimmed hat closes off her face, and we have the same problem with the black as we discussed in the black hat inventory post. I hope we see the hat styled with the side chignon again, but with a coat with a lower collar or in a brighter color.

    The CoW is my favorite look for the coat/dress balance.

  11. I like all these hats! They are all well matched with their respective coats. The Duchess of Cambridge could have tipped hers more at an angle to accommodate her side bun, but I like it as is too. I love velvet! Countess Sophie’s hat looks so much like the one from 2014 to me, I’m amazed you can tell any difference. The size, shape, bow (except for the position-top instead of side) all look alike to me. Is it the material that is different? I’m not a big fan of perchers, but this hat gives the Countess some height and she looks very elegant. I think the Queen’s hat is perfect, simple and not too big, and the wrapped hat band with buttons and flared ends gives it just enough interest without being frivolous. A most respectful appearance.

    • Don’t worry- I had to take a second look at Sophie’s hats to determine if they were different designs. If you look closely, you’ll see that the bows are different as is the shape- the design today has an indented circle (like a saucer!)in the midle while the hat from 2014 is more of a convex shape in the middle.

    • I love seeing the DoCambridge in a slightly larger hat, but upon reflection, I think larger hats in felt/winter materials feel a bit heavier and that even though I like this hat, I’d prefer a smaller hat (like Sofie’s) for the DoCambridge in black felt, and this current shape in a summer straw color (like Max only a bit smaller). Still think her hair is unbeatable.

  12. I didn’t like the years when she had her hair loose for Remembrance just too casual for the occasion. I like how she is wearing her hair up more it is far more dignified and goes with the improved hemlines. However this looks somehow odd and lumpy. I think it’s the wrong hat for her. I wouldn’t want to see if with loose hair but I am not sure if a normal chignon would have fitted under the hat
    Sophie has it nailed as does Camilla as ever

  13. Me too – didn’t like it at all…very odd with the hair – I think the coat collar is so high it pushed the bun up and that in turn pushed the hat off it’s correct positioning…a miss for me.

  14. Sophie stole the show for me – absolutely stunning! Would have loved to see her full ensemble. I think HM has got some make-up on her collar….

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