Queen Elizabeth Visits University Residence

It’s the repeat many of us have been waiting for! For yesterday’s visit to Goodenough College, residential accommodation for postgraduates from the UK and all over the world who are studying in London, Queen Elizabeth repeated the pale yellow and grey hat she first wore in Germany last year.

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These photos show that the brim on this hat is made of straw- a detail not clearly visible during its last outing. This sublte design feature that lends some textural contrast against the fabric covered crown.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: June 26, 2015
Sometimes absence grows fondness to a greater degree than it is warranted- what do you think of this hat now that we’ve finally seen it again?
Photos from Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Visits University Residence

  1. I like it, but then again I’m down under so it’s just the start of summer here.
    To those that have commented on the seasonal colour choice, could it be that HM and her dressers are considering climate change…

  2. Hats can be such peculiar things, well, perhaps more accurate to say reactions to hats can be peculiar.

    MrFitzroy loved this hat first time out, the balance and contrast of the yellow ice color with the charcoal, the verve and movement of the feather pouff (even if it does have close to headlamp placement), and the general shaping.
    Seeing these more recent photos, and some different angles and details, the opinion slid a bit downhill…though it is certainly a fact that nearly every Angela Kelly hat has good angles and bad ones….and one’s hat opinion can definitely depend on what the photographer catches.
    At first on the second viewing, this hat seemed less than it originally appeared…the straw was a bit jarring (or perhaps just unexpected, or perhaps MrFitzroy was annoyed at not noticing that detail previously.) It seemed to suffer from the “Kelly wobble” when it came to construction and seaming, and the pouff seemed a bit crushed and battered from storage. Still very nice, just not quite the ‘Wow” it was first time out.

    HOWEVER, when compared directly with the recent purple/iris hat debut at The DofE awards (which MrFitzroy really liked at the time) — another similarly shaped and large headlamp trimmed hat — the lemon ice really isn’t so bad!
    The purple velvet felt is lovely and rich, but the straight stovepipe sides are too static, the brim seems slightly off kilter in size, and of course the excess of exploding iris. The proportions just don’t work as well for the Queen, even though in it’s dissected parts it is also a lovely hat. In comparison, the lemon charcoal hat seems much more successful.

    This little unplanned comparion has MrFitzroy very excited for dear HatQueen’s upcoming comparison of several more of this basic style hat….while at first glance they may all seem very similar, the hats are still going to show amazing variations in the smaller details- and when they are lined up together, it’s much easier to gauge whether each hat is a success, meh, or OPPS!

  3. HQ, judging from your last sentence, is it safe to assume that you DON’T care for this hat as much as you thought you would?
    I still love it, rear seam and all, even though I think it is too springtime/Easter appropriate.
    BTW, I think the last picture you posted is absolutely BEE-OO-TEE-FUL!
    Doesn’t the featured hat today look remarkably similar to the one below, from June 10th? Crown heights are slightly different, for sure.

    • I still like it very much- I think the straw brim gives some lovely texture but I now wonder if the grey flannel brim piping is a little heavy. I’d also like the feathers rotated slightly to the side. These minor quibbles aside, it’s a lovely hat.

      And just you wait- there is more than one hat in this shape that we’ll look at very soon!

  4. Still love it, it’s a beautifully executed outfit and I like that it’s still worn with a grey dress as it gives strong contrast.

    I do have a quibble though, and that’s that it is being worn now. It’s really chilly here and this springy yellow just seems unseasonal for me. I was looking forward to seeing this rigout at Ascot, it coming up in December just seems a bit strange.

  5. Still not my favorite hat, but I think I do like the trim slightly more than last time. I am, however, a little perplexed at how many hats recently have been mixing materials/seasons like this one does, and sometimes it confuses me as to what season the hat is truly appropriate for. I guess maybe I’m just old-fashioned in my seasonal purism for hats.

  6. I love this hat. Since the fuzz ball isn’t in the middle, it’s not a centered headlamp this time. I too was surprised to see the straw base for the hat. At least the back center seam is better than the one on the Prince George’s christening outfit.
    What surprises me, however, is that again this coat is worn with the gray dress made for the Bergen-Belsen visit. I thought that the gray dress, matching the gray/turquoise coat worn later that day, would be replaced with a yellow or a yellow and gray dress. Although the Queen does have a variety of dresses with a matching/coordinated short jacket and long coat, this is the Queen’s only dress I can think of that has two distinct long coats routinely worn with it.
    I am pleased to see this hat repeated.

  7. This is a nice shade of yellow, and the contrast with the charcoal gray and black accessories is crisp and helps to “winterize” this pastel. The shape of the hat is definitely better than the wonky slanted hats, and the size of the hat is in proportion with the Queen’s size, so on the whole it works for her. I don’t mind the pouf decoration, it’s kind of fun and softens the straight lines of the hat a bit.

      • HQ, I know diddly-squat about hat design, but my passion for clean lines and unclutteredness begs the question:
        why doesn’t the crown seam go UNDER the pouf, feathers, fluff, flowers, adornments, etc.? (Now I sound like Dr. Suess)
        Then you’d be killing TWO stones with ONE bird!

        • Good question. I’m never a fan of these seams at the back of the hat. I understand to cover a straw hat in fabric seams are needed but I think they really detract from the overall look of the hat.

          Can one of our trained milliners comment about hiding such seams- what techniques do you use to handle this?

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