This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Prince Harry acquired some new headwear today while on tour in Surama, Guyana

Embed from Getty Images

 Infanta Elena at an equestrian exhibition in Madrid with… you guessed it, another fedora (Semana)

This week saw the addition of another red hat into Queen Mathilde’s wardrobe putting the total now at eleven. Jump over to this post to see the full inventory.

John Boyd shared a photo this week of a new millinery creation with wonderful polka-dotted crin brim. On which royal head would you like to see this design at Ascot next year?


 Royal Hats

The Netflix series The Crown received as close to a royal endorsement as it’s ever going to get (Town and Country)

Royal writer Netty Liestra published an interesting list of royal recipes this week (NettyRoyal)

Beatrice Borromeo Casiraghi shared some never before seen photos of her wedding dress this week, giving us the best view of this Armani creation to date. So beautiful.

 Some seriously glamorous gowns and jewels at the state dinner in Amsterdam on Monday night

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Princess Haya could rock that John Boyd hat! I’d love to see it with a black and white dress!

    I don’t share the love of Beatrice Boromeo’s dress…or her.

    GREAT headdress on Prince Harry!

    The Dutch ladies look amazing (props especially to PLaurentien, whom I normally dislike). And, of course, QMathilde in the FULL Nine Provinces looks fabulous!

  2. On my screen the John Boyd hat looks orange, so of course I thought of Queen Maxima first. Doesn’t matter if she ever goes to Ascot, Maxima could rock this hat!
    I agree with the other commenters that Princess Haya, the Countess Of Wessex, and Princess Eugenie could wear this.
    Other likely royal heads: the other York princess, the Duchess of Cornwall loves a big sweeping hat but this looks to frivolous and playful for her, ditto Princess Michael. If Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies were to attend Ascot, she could pull this off!
    My money is on Queen Maxima or Princess Haya.

  3. Various comments on “this week’s extras”
    1) Is it another fedora or the same one repeated? And why do you suppose this is the only hat style she ever wears?
    2) I love the multiple red hats of Mathilde. While I prefer some over others..1, 2, 8 & 9 are my favorites and kudos to her for daring to wear hat 3. Red is definitely a good color for her.
    3) I think Boyd’s newest creation would look stunning on Princess Eugenie with her dark coloring and she could pull off the whimsical polka dots.
    4) I have watched all of season one of The Crown and I loved it! I can’t wait for season 2!!
    5) I wish Prince William’s groom’s cake was on this list.
    6) An utterly beautiful wedding gown. She looks so happy!
    7) I love when any royal group brings out the gowns and jewels.

  4. I’d like to see the Countess of Wessex in the the John Boyd hat, too, even though I don’t remember her wearing red. Like Shannon, I also thought of Princess Haya. Or maybe Queen Mathilde will make a surprise appearance next year, as CP Mary did this year, and make this her twelfth red hat!

  5. Would love to see the John Boyd hat on the Countess of Wessex or Princess Eugenie. It would be completely out of character, but I’d also love to see in on the Duchess of Cambridge.

  6. I would love to see that John Boyd hat on me, but seeing how that probably won’t happen, I think it would look fabulous on Princess Haya or The Countess of Wessex.

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