This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

While we already saw the Duchess of Cornwall’s furry hat at the Hennesy Gold Cup last month, we missed those worn by Princess Anne, Lady Frederick Windsor and Lady Gabriella Windsor (Tatler). Thank to reader Laura for the links!

Julia Ogilvy keeping warm in windy Nantucket in a knit wool hat (Flora Ogilvy Instagram)

How impressive is this floral embellished beret by John Boyd and this winter white percher pillbox by Montgomery Millinery? I’d love to see both designs on royal heads.

Milliner Stephen Jones shared this throwback photo of his first design purchased by the Victoria and Albert Museum back in 1982. It’s a very interesting design that feels quite ahead of its time.

Royal houses have been filling social media with images of the Christmas Trees. The young Danish Princes and Princesses decorated their tree this week and how charming are these crown ornaments on the Buckingham Palace Christmas trees? My favourite royal tree so far is the one at Clarence House.

Such a sweet new photo released of Prince Amadeo, Archduchess Elisabetta and wee Archduchess Anna Astrid.

Some serious sparkle at Buckingham Place for the annual Diplomatic Reception… although I wouldn’t be sad at all to see the Princes dump the knee britches part of their formal dress.

And the royal cuteness award of the week goes to little Princess Amelia of Luxembourg, cuddling her new baby brother Prince Liam. Adorable.

15 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. No! Please don’t lose the knee breeches and garter for the gents at the Diplomatic Reception! Anachronistic as it is, I love it! I’ve been in email conversation with a friend who is a High Commissioner and both he and his wife reported the event was fabulous. Oh to be invited!

    • I’m in total agreement with Chuck – the gents should NOT alter their traditional uniform.
      Certain newspaper headlines would be in bold type:
      “British Royal Family Ditches Their Britches!”
      BTW, HQ, when will HM take the annual train ride to Sandringham?
      Also, the Christmas trees look great!

      • I wonder whether the gentlemen who have to wear them share your enthusiasm. I’d guess that William, in particular, does not.

        Great headline, Jimbo! I can’t IMAGINE which newspaper you mean!

  2. Are we sure that the pics of the people mentioned at the Gold Cup are from this year – it looks to be an album of previous attendees? The picture of Gabriella Windsor is from 2008 ( Princess Anne is from 2011 – she’s with Nicolas Soames, who looks vastly different now – having lost a deal of weight. Flicking through the pictures at least two of the attendees are dead … Lord Oaksey died in 2012 and Cilla Black in 2015

  3. The hats by Gabriella, Sophie, and Anne at the Hennessy Gold Cup were all far superior to Camilla’s hat! Most unfortunate we could not get better looks at these, especially Sophie’s hat! Gabriella’s whole outfit was stunning.

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