British Royals Celebrate Christmas Part 2

There were four more British royal hats spotted on Christmas Day for the family’s attendance at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Princess Beatrice wore a bowed headpiece in black and white Harris tweed, trimmed with a red velvet rose. It’s a smart headpiece and I liked its unexpected pairing with her army green wool coat.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is the “Houndstooth Rose Bow Band” from AW 2016
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

One of my favourite Christmas Day hats was the one worn by Princess Eugenie and described by the designer as a “red sloped beret in velvety felt, trimmed with a cluster of red felt leaves and shiny sculpted flowers”. I adore this hat- the long felt leaves give the small hat some movement and the flowers lend some festive sparkle. The colour was wonderful against Eugenie’s grey coat and her matching of lipstick to millinery is perfection. It’s such a great look for her.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty ImagesEmbed from Getty Images

Designer: Sarah Cant. It is the “Ruby” design from AW 2016
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Anne repeated her trilby in light green brushed felt. She usually favours dark hued millinery in the winter and this piece is a stylish shape and a very smart colour on her.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Nov 10, 2014March 16, 2012

Autumn Phillips topped her navy coat with a percher hat in the same hue. The large saucer shape of the navy felt piece is trimmed in a large curling bow which adds some lift and whimsy to the design and I really like how the colour contrasts with Autumn’s blonde hair. There is an ongoing debate here about how to wear long hair with hats- I think this one works beautifully for Autumn with her hair down.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Rachel Black
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
We usually see more than seven hats on the British royals on Christmas Day- while this year had fewer hats than usual, there were some beauties. Which hats stood out to you most?
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14 thoughts on “British Royals Celebrate Christmas Part 2

  1. I like all of these. Beatrice’s headpiece looks substantial enough to “count” as a hat, although personally I’d have preferred a proper one. Eugenie’s is lovely and goes very well with her overall look.

  2. While Beatrice’s fascinator is a nice piece overall, it seems a bit too twee for her, and I agree with others that this would be a fantastic piece for Louise to wear some day. A more substantial headpiece would’ve been better in this situation in my opinion. Her coat is beautiful though!

    Eugenie definitely had perhaps the best hat of the day, but I wasn’t as thrilled with how she styled her hair. She’s really made some great choices for Christmas hats over the years, and this is no exception. I would love to see this again with her hair down.

    I wasn’t surprised to see Anne in a repeat, and I was glad it was something different in terms of color, as @HatQueen said.

    Autumn looked simply fantastic, and was definitely in my top 3 for the best dressed of the day (alongside Camilla and Eugenie). This disc headpiece is the perfect size, and the trim isn’t overdone either. And I agree, it looks great with her hair down (I’m in the category of people that enjoys the hair down with hats and headpieces, in addition to being up).

    Sad it was a more low-key affair with some notable absences, but a good showing overall of hats. Here’s to a full recovery for Her Majesty!

  3. Merry Christmas HatQueen and to my fellow Millinery Admirers! I was eagerly watching the Twitter and Instagram feeds over Christmas for my “Royal Hat fix” (no access to your blog) and saw that Suzannah Fashion had posted about Autumn Philip’s outfit, which included details of her hat! Rachel Black Millinery then re-posted with: “Autumn Philips in navy felt La Boo hat”:-

  4. Autumn’s entire look is the winner for me. I liked Eugenie’s hat just not with the coat. And I must say I agree with the idea that Beatrice and Louise should have traded headwear. I certainly do not agree that Beatrice’s hat looked good with the army green coat.

  5. I liked all the hats this year except Countess Sophie’s. Her black hat looked good as part of the whole look–from a long way away. Closer up you could see the messy bird nest, as you so accurately described it, Hat Queen. I also liked Princess Eugenie’s hat the best. The red color was just so perfect for the occasion, and the shine on the flowers made them look like gift bows. I would have liked it if Princess Beatrice and Lady Louise had exchanged head pieces. I thought Louise’s would have given Beatrice the sophistication appropriate for her age, and Beatrice’s was just juvenile enough for Louise.

  6. Autumn is the winner for me, followed by Eugenie. Don’t understand Beatrice pairing that hat with that coat. Perhaps if the tweed had been green and white instead of black and white …

    Anne is in a category of her own, and I love her for it.

    The Phillips sisters look lovely in their outfits.

  7. Princess Eugenie’s hat is so striking and quite complementary on her. I loved Autumn Phillips’ entire look. It was also fun seeing the Phillips’ girls at church as well.

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