Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to January 1961, a state visit to India, a young queen, and a wonderfully textured lilac turban.

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10 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I love the gauzy coat and the colour, reminds me of something my father’s cousin wore as her ‘going-away’ outfit after she was married. I was young enough to have given Ruth a horse-shoe at the church and thought she was just the most glamorous thing I’d ever seen (my mum included!). Ruth had dark hair and pale skin too and the lilac was, to my young eyes, marvellous. However, she combined her outfit with a picture hat.

    I suppose the most important thing about this ‘tea-cosy’ (‘bath cleaner’) was that it was off HM’s face, enabling the masses to see their Queen but I’m with those who detest the turban phase.

  2. Never cared for the turban phase that went on far too long in my book – we saw her wearing them from the early 60s-early 80s – I didn’t care for Princess Grace in all her turbans then either.

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