Princess Eugenie Awards Queen’s Cup

Princess Eugenie represented her grandmother on Saturday in South Africa for the running of the 156th Queen’s Plate at Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town. For this event, she wore a hat described by the designer as an “elegant wide brim with shallow crown trimmed with silk organza flowers and leaves (and) highlighted with a single ostrich quill.”  The design is perfect for the races (those silk rosettes might read a little twee at any other event) and the scale is lovely on Eugenie who carries wide brims really well. My only qualm here is the styling, which I think lets the piece down. Tidy up her hairstyle and nix the black shoes and we have an ensemble worthy of the winner’s circle.



Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is the ‘Silk Organza Rose Wide Brim’ from SS 2017
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Juliette Botterill Millinery

Photos from Scanpix and Juliette Botterill Millinery

23 thoughts on “Princess Eugenie Awards Queen’s Cup

  1. I’m gonna go against most everyone else and say I was not bothered by her hair. This is obviously a more casual race compared to Ascot (another trophy presenter isn’t even wearing a tie), but I still think she looked appropriate overall, even with more unkempt hair. The hat is very beautiful and I would love to see it again. However, I really hate her shoes.

  2. Beautiful hat..but not worn properly, and her messy hair is the first thing noticed! Shoes are all wrong, and dress could have fit better. Eugenie is so attractive and could do so much better..she needs to be consistently “just right.”

  3. Such a gorgeous, whimsical, yet elegant hat so woefully let down. Sorry but I can’t see anything to like in the fashion stakes. Her smile is fabulous.

  4. I agree with all who have commented that the hat is lovely but the hair and shoes don’t add anything to Eugenie’s overall look. In fact a different dress might have been for the best. And is that a brooch pinned to her dress?

  5. I really like this young lady a lot. If they are going to have her represent the Royal Family they should get her a stylist where she can learn how to make sure she is always correctly presented. The hat is divine. I know she is down under and its very warm but still not good clothing choices.

    • I do agree that Eugenie would benefit from some professional help from a good stylist. She is a truly lovely girl with no personal relationship with a good style role model. In fact, Eugenie reminds me a lot of Queen Mother Elizabeth when young. It’s incredibly sweet, refreshing and innocent how “unvain” Eugenie is, and I love the girl. However, in her public appearances representing Queen and Country, she needs to have more polish and precision.

      • There’s a lot of conjecture here- none of us are privy to Princess Eugenie’s personal relationships nor can we say, with certainty, if she is vain or not. Let’s keep the conjecture at bay on such personal things and dish about the hats!

  6. Beautiful hat, but I agree with HatQueen about the hair and shoes. I also agree with the many who’d like to see this worn at a tilt.

    Let’s hope for a better-styled repeat at Ascot.

  7. I love that Princess Eugenie is getting out there with wonderful new hats.
    I agree with everyone else that I wish she had worn it with a sassy tilt like the model. Makes me wonder if it started out with a tilt and then something happened to her hair and hat “on the way to the forum.”

  8. The sentiments expressed seem to echo my own. The angle of the hat on the model is more successful and Eugenia would have been helped with a tidier updo.

  9. I love the hat, especially when worn at an angle. How nice to see something new and fresh. It’s a nice touch of summer for those of us still in winter climes. The thin profile of the hat, the choice of organza for the flowers, the loosely wound roses, and the single quill, all in white, combine to make such a great impression of airiness and lightness.

  10. The photo from the milliner highlights the potential for this hat compared to how it looked when the princess wore it. I do agree with the other posters that Princess Eugenie did not make the most of this potential! If her dress had been properly fitted, her hair tidier, and her hat worn at more of an angle, it would have been a success, even if not perhaps the best color choices. I wonder what happened.

  11. I agree with everyone else. The hat is lovely, but the clothes and the hair are all wrong. The dress is particularly glaring. Her hair looks like something I would do to get it out of the way when I am in the kitchen.

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