Seeing Double: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

Royal Hats Back in 2008, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa took part in a state visit to Sweden in April and the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I in France in November. To combat chilly weather at both events, the Grand Duchess donned tall velvet felt pillbox hats in grey and black, paired with grey fur stoles. The close fitting hats have a decidedly distinct look, making it all the more surprising that the Grand Duchess should opt for two in the same style.

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Grand Duchess Maria Teresa in Sweden, April 15, 2008 and in France, Nov 11, 2008

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14 thoughts on “Seeing Double: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

  1. I agree that the grey hat is a much better choice for Maria Teresa. It looks more refined and overall her outfit is superb. The black one has a slightly more rounded crown, which thus makes it look more like a beanie; also, a black velvet pantsuit is not the best thing she has ever worn (although not the worst).

  2. I like the grey one best. The two hats are similar but they don’t look exactly the same shape. The black one is more rounded. Both outfits look great and the hats do look warm!

  3. Funny how the grey one is very flattering (to my mind, anyway), and adds a little height, but the black one makes her head look too small, and is unattractive. The black hat seems more rounded in the crown, and more like a cloche than a pillbox. Are they supposed to be the same hat?

    • Yes, there is some difference in the crown shape (the two, however are so close, and were introduced within months of each other that it seemed noteworthy enough for a post). It’s surprising how a slight curve on the crown of the black makes it a less flattering shape for the Grand Duchess.

      • Hi @HatQueen – off topic, but Zara Phillips attended the Magic Millions on the Gold Coast today (I think she looked better at yesterday’s preview, in pink). Let me know if you want me to forward the millinery details/links or I’ll wait until your post. Cheers

  4. Having been part of the recent discussion on black as “difficult” colour for hat wearers, I like the black pillbox on the Grand Duchess.

  5. I like them both. Being a shorter, slightly more rounded lady, too much froof in the hat department isn’t that flattering on her, but these, in their simplicity are rather becoming. I like both looks a lot on MT.

  6. My first thought on seeing the black ensemble was that she was wearing a long skirt, but I now think they are trousers. She looks cosy, and I guess that is a good thing. The hats are not exactly flattering, but they aren’t the worst I have seen. (Poor recommendation, I know!) it’s always difficult to dress for warmth and solemnity, and on the whole, I think she looks good.

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