This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Queen Silvia attended the funeral of close friend Ulf Dinkelspiel Friday in a simple black pillbox (Svenskdam)

Queen Margrethe repeated her red felt and tweed hat at the official inauguration of the Mærsk Tower at the University of Copenhagen (Danish Monarchy)

Queen Margrethe, Jan 18, 2017 | Royal Hats

The Earl of Wessex donned a kippah for Tuesday’s visit to Maidenhead Synagogue.

Such an interesting and colourful applique covered hat shared by US based milliner Anya Caliendo. You like?

This share from milliner Piers Atkinson rings completely true for me. What do you think?

The Belgian Monarchy shared a lovely photo of Queen Mathilde and Princess Elisabeth, taken on National Day last summer, to celebrate the queen’s birthday

Great interview with King Constantine of Greece on his decision to move back to his homeland (Town and Country)

New snaps of Princess Ingrid of Norway shared this week for her 13th birthday

Wonderful portrait of King Carl Gutaf and the Haga Princesses released this week on the occasion of Princess Brigitta’s 80th birthday

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I have a question that perhaps one of the Jewish readers could answer: is there a significance to the different colors and patterns that we see on all the men’s kippahs? They are each beautiful examples and works of art.

  2. Thank you for an especially rich selection of Extras, HatQueen. I love the age range represented in the royal news.

    I like the whimsical Anya Caliendo hat for Queen Margarethe, even though daisies seem to be the only flowers NOT in the mix. She has the personality to carry it off.

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