Church Outing For Queen Elizabeth And Duke of Edinburgh

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were spotted arriving at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk yesterday for Sunday service.The Queen repeated her camel felt hat with short, downward facing brim and diagonally sloped crown trimmed with a wide, knotted hatband.

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Here is a clearer photo of this hat, taken during its last outing in February 2015. It’s a simple (but not boring) piece that I think works best when viewed with those fabulous fur coat cuffs.

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 Designer: Philip Somerville
Previously Worn: February 4, 2015; April 12, 2006March 7, 2006December 25, 2005
The Queen has another hat that matches this coat (discussed in this post)- what do you think of this design?
Photos from Getty as indicated and The British Monarchy

17 thoughts on “Church Outing For Queen Elizabeth And Duke of Edinburgh

    • Interesting discovery. That means that when the Queen wore this outfit, with the Somerville hat, for Christmas 2005, she repeated a coat for Christmas. Christmas usually is the time for a new outfit and often has been the time for a fur hat.
      I’d always thought that this fur hat was made for the outing when the Queen commemorated her mother.
      Thanks for your research.

      • SH:
        I hope you’re enjoying some of the India videos and other photos I’ve unearthed recently. This type of research is just what the doctor ordered for ANOTHER grey day with flurries!

  1. Both hats are smashing with the coat. The fur hat is quite playful and out of the ordinary for HM. I like the felt hat, too. It’s a winning design!

  2. Wow, this really highlights the difference in skill between Somerville and Angela Kelly, doesn’t it? We see Kelly use this shape all the time, but her trimmings never quite allow for the satisfying sense of proportion this one has. These edges (around the brim or the top of the crown)are all finished so nicely, with just the tiniest hint of roundness to avoid the over-crisp angles that Kelly often produces. And the material used to cover the hat just seems a cut above the newer ones.

  3. I usually hate neutral colors, but the bow on the hat and the fur on the cuffs are singing for me! HM looks like she is in excellent health!

  4. Not my favorite hat or color for HM, but this is a nice, reliable one. I especially enjoy the overall size of this cloche, and the twisted bow as well. But most of all, I especially enjoy seeing HM out again and looking like she feels better.

  5. Really like both versions and nice to see HM in a more subdued colour than she normally wears. I personally think a fur collar might be gilding the lily, especially when those fabulous brooches are being worn.
    Funnily enough, the fur hat instantly brought to mind the Queen Mother’s wonderfully exuberant hats only to read that HM was unveiling a statue of her mother.

  6. What a pleasant change from her usual color choices. I think the beauty of this hat is its simplicity, yet it is still sophisticated. I agree with others that a fur collar, not large, would enhance the coat when she wears this hat and not the fur hat that matches this coat. I am glad to see the Queen looking so well!

  7. Although I tend to prefer this outfit with the the fur hat, this hat is lovely too. With the other hat, a fur collar would be overkill. Without the fur hat, the lack of a fur collar is somewhat unusual, I suppose. Nonetheless, I’m always pleased to see outfits that debuted more than a decade ago and to know that they’re all being well cared for.

  8. Being so accustomed to HM in bright colors, I am not a huge fan of this camel color.
    That being said, I think the hat shape is very nice. Also, I feel that the coat needs a collar of some sort – maybe fur?
    Something like the picture below?
    HM seems exposed to the cold. And I agree with JamesB – an 11 year repeat is nice to see, also.

  9. Still love this, and great to see if still in circulation 11 years after its debut. An uncharacteristically subdued but very elegant get up from Her Mai, and perfect for the chilly weather we’ve got here in the U.K.

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