Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to this day in 1961 which saw a young queen visiting New Delhi in an interesting conical hat with braided straw brim.

Embed from Getty Images

Photo from Getty as indicated

6 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I could find only one other picture of this hat, also taken while HM was riding in the carriage.
    There must be a reason why! It looks borderline silly for a queen!
    Intrigued by all these recent Flashbacks, I just went to Ebay and purchased the Feb. 3, 1961 Life magazine, (original price: 20 cents) and the Pitkin Pictorial Guide to the Royal Tour of India and Pakistan – and early Valentines gift for Mrs. Jimbo. Both publications set me back just under $15. Keep ’em coming, HQ!

  2. Hmm. This wouldn’t be my favourite of HM’s conical hats of that period. It does indeed have a handcrafted vibe as Liz says –its execution is just not refined or elegant enough.
    Conical hats can easily veer towards the comical — it’s the “cute” factor of the pointy top — which tends to make it a young person’s style; but HM does pull the look off very convincingly I feel on the same trip, with this more sophisticated cone hat :http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/royal-tour-to-india-queen-elizabeth-ii-and-prince-philip-the-duke-of-picture-id78965268

    • Indeed- this conical hat (also worn during the 1961 tour of India) feels much more polished and less crafty.

      Embed from Getty Images

      Embed from Getty Images

  3. Hmm. I’d like to get a closer view because from afar it looks rather like hats I’ve crocheted and there is no way anyone would hire me as a royal milliner!

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