Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to a state visit to India, fifty-six years ago this month, that saw a young Queen Elizabeth in Bombay in a pale pink flowered frock and hat.

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10 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. This hat is an odd shape for a sixties flower hat; it reminds me of an SAS beret, high on the left and a dropped fold on the right. Too military/floppy-looking for my taste — I like my sixties hats with more structure.
    The outfit overall doesn’t have the impact of other outfits from the India trip: the dress is ordinary and the white gloves, being elbow length for some reason, are very dominating. In fact there is altogether too much white. To me it brings a hospital/laboratory-like air to the look. If there is just one thing I would do to reinvent these sixties summer hats for the modern age, it would be to remove altogether any white from the styling. Black accessories would do a lot to lift this outfit.
    BTW, what a tiny waist HM is sporting! she is probably wearing a full girdle, as all women did in those days when formally dressed. I too would not be smiling if I had to wear a girdle in that heat.

  2. Lovely outfit – I adore those long gloves, they are so elegant. I’m not sure about the hat as a stand-alone hat, it appears to be flat on top and at the back, but the bottom shot seems to show (I think) some attractive movement in a breeze. That’s a bit of a bonus for a flowery hat!

  3. Queen Elizabeth dressed so beautifully in those days. I love the entire matching outfits and the hats! I was 6 at the time of this picture and I watched the ladies at my church and my mom all dressed in the Spring with soft colors and lovely outfits. I so miss those days. I wish film premieres still were black tie and tiaras!

    • I love these old photos but I am SOOOOO happy that these styles are left in the past. It’s so fussy and prissy and I would never want to wear anything like this. I’m also so happy the whole matchy-matchy thing is over. It makes fashion now MUCH more interesting. I love seeing how Maxima or Mary or Kate are going to wear their hats next because it’s almost always different than how they wore them last.

  4. Looking at these lovely frocks and hats from the past makes me realize how much I miss the variety of clothing that Her Majesty used to wear. I understand that, as we age, it is easy to rely on a particular style as a way of always looking good, but I loved the slightly frivolous hats and feminine dresses and shoes. In particular, I miss coloured evening gowns. Having said that, you will understand that I find this pink ensemble very pretty and a breath of spring. (My own mother was very interested in stylish clothing, up to her death at the age of 92, so I don’t think I am being too hard on the Queen. I certainly mean no disrespect!)

    • I think all of us wore very different styles of clothing in our 20s than we do now in our 60s and 70s. It’s not that we rely on a particular style as we get older but that styles change over those 40 years! I for one am very happy that the Queen’s style changed with her age and with the times. It suits her at each time in her life. If she wore “slightly frivolous hats” like this today I’m afraid she would look very silly.

      • And not just the styles change–our bodies do too, and what once might have looked lovely on us, may not suit us any more. (Stylish shoes were the first loss for me!)

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