Princess Hisako At 2017 Tokyo Tableware Festival

Thanks to reader Avery who commented over the weekend about Princess Hisako of Takamado’s appearance at the Tokyo Tableware Festival last week. Her hat is so interesting I thought it was worth its own post (words seldom said about an Imperial royal hat!). The mushroom shaped design looks to be covered in black silk and is trimmed with a large pouf of black feathers at the back. It’s an unexpectedly avant garde choice for Hisako’s lace trimmed tweed suit- I’m not sure the two pieces show each other off to greatest effect. That being said, it’s a design that has taken me completely by surprise and for that reason alone, I’m inclined to love it.



Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
Thanks, Avery, for sharing this. I can’t wait to hear you all weigh on this unusual hat!
Photos from Twitter as indicated; and the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo

17 thoughts on “Princess Hisako At 2017 Tokyo Tableware Festival

  1. Love it. Such a departure from the usual Japanese hats. A bit more tilt, perhaps? Although as it s, it evokes some of those wide hats worn flat on the head used by designers such as Dior in the 50s.

  2. Someone in the Imperial family wearing both lace and feathers? Are pigs flying?

    It could only be Princess Hisako, who seems to push the edges with great humor and style! She looks great, and I would have jumped on the chance to attend a Tableware Festival with her!

  3. This hat seems to fit the personality of the wearer very well, she carries it off beautifully. I think the hat goes with the suit too, I’m not sure it would look as good with a dressier dress or coat. Full marks for bringing a very welcome bit of interest to the Japanese imperial millinery sphere!

  4. The Princess looks wonderful. She appears to have a vibrant personality, and her hats and outfits reflect her personality. The other royal women appear to wear a predictable uniform, from their hats to their outfits, which is extremely conservative and boring.

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous hat! Hisako pulls this off so well, and it’s definitely already in the running for one of my favorites of 2017. I agree with @AshleyM the darker lipstick also increases the appeal of this look, although personally I’m not a huge fan of the lace detailing at the bottom of her jacket, but that’s a minor problem. Brava!

  6. Princess Hisako of Takamado is always very elegant and knows how to dress. She has her own special style. The Empress is a very elegant lady too!

  7. What a great hat! Love seeing some interest out of the imperial royals. Such a successful outing. I might have gone with less lace on the suit, but since it’s black it doesn’t detract.

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