Princess Beatrix Attends University Award

Princess Beatrix was in Maastricht today to attended the presentation of an Honorary Doctorate to German President Joachim Gauck by Maastricht University. For this event, she repeated her a mushroom grey felt hat with square crown and flat brim. Royal hats in mixed straw and felt are not common and the silvery grey straw folded hatband on this piece adds wonderful texture and sheen. While I prefer Princess Beatrix in more saturated colours, the combination of this hat and printed jacket makes for an understated and elegant ensemble perfect for engagements like these where the focus is on another person. For a better look at this piece, jump over here to the first time we saw it.

Embed from Getty Images


Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Jan 23, 2016

What do you think of this hat on Princess Beatrix today?

Photos from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Attends University Award

  1. Pardon me for asking, however I am from the Southern United States where certain “rules” regarding fashion are passed down proudly from one generation to the next, but do other parts of the world view straw an appropriate winter material for hats? We don’t wear straw after Labor Day (first Monday in September) or before Easter and we don’t wear felt after Easter until Labor Day. No judgement here – just curious!

    • I think such ‘rules’ have relaxed greatly over the past few decades. While we generally see royals in straw hats during summer months and felt hats in winter months, you don’t have to scroll back far in this blog to see a number of straw hats worn in the late fall (particularly worn in warmer climates). That all being said- this hat is a felt piece trimmed with a bit of straw which, I think, still makes it a true winter hat.

  2. I’m more convinced (although not entirely convinced haha) the straw and velour felt work well together compared to the last time I commented on this hat. Other than that minor personal confusion, I still love this hat, and adore the outfit it goes with. And I agree with @jamiemid that it’s nice to see a brimmed hat on Beatrix again.

  3. I like it. She is always so elegantly dressed. I wonder why she has a brooch on in some photos and not others? Could it be that she has a jacket on which she then took off?

    • I agree, I would love to see HM wearing more modern prints like this, just as a change from those predictable florals.
      As HQ says, this gorgeous hat and outfit could indeed be a better colour. Princess Beatrix’s complexion is warm, ie. yellow-based, as we can see when she stands next to the President, whose skin is pink-based (cool). The Princess’s cool-based outfit is casting unflattering grey shadows onto her neck and face, making her appear sallow. A shade of mauve which was more yellow/red based than the one we see here could still supply the gentle subtlety which is part of the appeal of this outfit, while providing the Princess with a healthier glow.

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