Dutch Monarchs in Germany

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima are on an annual working visit to Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia in Germany this week, taking part in a series of events designed  to deepen trade, investment relations, and cooperation in several industries between the two neighbouring nations. For today’s programme, which saw them visit the Anna Amailia library, Goethe-Schiller Archive, Alte Synagogue, and Buchenwald concentration camp, Máxima repeated her grey velvet felt upswept ‘slice’ brimmed hat.

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This hat is a hardworking piece for Queen Máxima (the hat she wears most frequently) and today it was an excellent topper for her mixed grey ensemble. Today’s calendar of events required some fashion sensitivity and head to toe, this hit the mark.

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Thoughts on this hat today in Germany?
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20 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs in Germany

  1. I appreciate the need for sobriety on a day that included a concentration camp visit, and I like the components, but I think this is too monochrome to be successful as an overall outfit. I think Queen Elizabeth did it better.

  2. I’d love to get a better look at the bracelet on her right wrist in the final picture. Could those be gray pearls? And I’d have preferred a longer, heavier coat with the boots.

  3. I agree with so many of these comments! This familiar hat is nice, but I have always felt the upturn was a bit too angular and sharp. She has other, similar hats that have a more curving, rounded upturn, that I like better. I love the color -a reminder to me that yes, blondes can wear grey. (Those earrings are fabulous!!)

  4. bonjour, je trouve Maxima avec une tenue très appropriée . Avez-vous des images du mariage Goulandris à Londres samedi 4, elle portait un fascinateur mais je n’ai trouvé aucune photo permettant de bien le voir. Merci pour votre blog toujours bien documenté.

  5. The queen is appropriately dressed and, as always, very beautiful. I would have worn a heavier, same-styled coat though…a bit longer length, and the boots.

  6. I’d like the magenta or purple slice hat with the grey, but of course these would have been inappropriate for this occasion.

  7. Appropriate and yet stylish so very well done Maxima! My only quibble is that her coat doesn’t look warm enough for the Buchenwald visit (and the hem doesn’t look straight either!). Willem-Ax looks snug is his coat and poor Max looks like she’s freezing.

  8. She is beautiful, as always, and I really appreciate the culturally sensitive dressing. Well done, your Highness. Oh, also, I love this hat!

  9. Máxima did a wonderful job mixing greys here! I have always loved this hat, and am glad to see it out again. My only complaints are: I prefer the boots to the peep-toe pumps as the darker boots and hat create a balance I like, which the shoes don’t give; also, I would choose a different scarf color, like navy, rather than this taupe. Overall though, excellent choices for a day full of very mixed events.

    • My guess is the scarf was worn at the concentration camp mentioned in the program, so color would probably be a no-no. I agree the beige is off. Maybe gray with a subtle stripe or other pattern for interest?

  10. Thought it worked really well, it’s a lovely look on Maxima but the earrings, just stunning! She changed footwear and looks – several times…that takes some doing…

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