Crown Princess Mary Opens Jewellery Exhibition

Yesterday, Crown Princess Mary opened a jewellery exhibition at the Old Town Museum in Aarhus. For this event, she repeated her purple felt pillbox hat trimmed with curling feather detail at the side. It’s a classic piece that works so well on Mary, particularly in combination with other purple accessories and her 1950s silhouetted suit.

Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the “Shell” design
Previously Worn: April 30, 2016March 17, 2015October 7, 2014

I love when a hat adds a pop of colour to an ensemble as this one did- what do you think of this hat yesterday?

Photos from social media as indicated

11 thoughts on “Crown Princess Mary Opens Jewellery Exhibition

  1. I know this isn’t the proper spot, but I had to ask. Am I missing something, or have the poll results from last month been revealed?

  2. I absolutely love this look and Hat Queen is 100% correct about the hat and accessories taking it over the top!

  3. This might be my favorite outfit with this hat! Not the biggest fan of pillboxes in general, but this one has always been an exception, and I rejoice at what looks like the return of the purple pumps too! She is very chic here, and would love to see this look be emulated by the masses more.

  4. I squeed when I saw this look pop up on my instagram feed yesterday and I’m so glad to see it here. I love the suit, but it’s the hat and gloves that really take it over the top. And I don’t think any other hat would have suited it as well, both in color and shape. I like that all the times she’s worn this it has provided a pop of color against a neutral suit (rather than being paired QEII or QM style with a matching suit); it feels a bit more contemporary that way in my eyes. So fabulous!!

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