Day 2 of Dutch Visit to Germany

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima continued their working trip to Germany today with a series of engagements in Leipzig and Wittenberg. Queen Máxima kept to yesterday’s neutral approach to working fashion, topping her aqua silk dress with a blocked beige felt beret worn on the back of her head as a calot. On paper, an unembellished beige felt brimess hat sounds like a yawn but leave it to the Dutch queen to mix it with stunning jewels, classic accessories and the right hairstyle and come up with an ensemble that is anything but boring.

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Designer: “Mare” beret by Bronte Amsterdam
Previously Worn: January 20, 2014November 30, 2013
This is a more sedate hat on Queen Máxima than we usually see- one that hasn’t been worn for three years. What do you think about it, seeing it again today?
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17 thoughts on “Day 2 of Dutch Visit to Germany

  1. Queen Maxima looks lovely! Beautiful color coordination – I love the aqua and cream/beige combination. The hat is perfect, good scale, good placement, it enhances the outfit, definitely. Very successful outfit, your Highness!

  2. I do like this color combo on Max, especially when she brings the aquamarines out to play! I wouldn’t change a thing about the hat. She has other statement items going on here, and anything else would compete. Her hair is lovely (not always the case when she wears it down with a hat), but I do wish that fabulous brooch wasn’t hidden.

  3. This is lovely! The simplicity and shape of the hat are perfect and leave room for that jewelry (swoon) and beautiful bell-sleeved dress to shine. I feel like the calmer colors and hat shape don’t seem un-Max because the styling of the dress is interesting and very her!

  4. I have no issues with this hat as it seems appropriate for the occasion. I wish she had a different hair style so that her brooch would be visible.

  5. Overall this ensemble works well together, and for being such a plain and boring hat, I like it more than I thought I would. That being said, I do wonder if some sort of singular (pheasant?) feather sweeping across the front might give it some excitement without being overwhelming, especially since it blends in with her hair a lot. I also wonder what her overall look would be like if her lipstick was a dark shade similar to her nails. Final note: love her shoes!

    • I also completely failed to mention I think Willem-Alexander needs some major tailoring done to his trousers. While the jacket is cut quite well (and nice to see him wearing a pocket square, even if it’s just basic white), the trousers are too wide and too long, causing all sorts of fabric bunching, especially on top of his shoes.

  6. I love this whole look, but my quibbles are that a) it seems a bit OTT for these engagements and b) the dress sleeves clash a bit with the shawl, which she needs because it’s chilly in Europe. So I think I’m saying great look, wrong event.

    • I also think she’s a little bit overdressed for the occasion. And she has so many clothes but needs to wear a cape and a shawl because of the cold? She must have a nice coat somewhere, no? Still a great look though.

  7. Don’t especially care for the dress style, but it’s ‘regal’ I guess in that you wouldn’t normally see anyone wear anything like this. The colour suits her very well and I love her jewellery. You’re right HQ, a beige calot sounds dull but Max has sprinkled her magic on it and the whole thing works well.

  8. Is this hat not a molded beret situated to look more like a calot? I have a black hat like this, and it is definitely a molded beret that I wear to the front and side like a beret… just wondering! The Queen wears her hat it well, as always.

    • I suppose it could be called a beret… since Maxima has always worn it covering the crown of her head (I suspect it was designed to be worn here) I’ve simply called it a calot to avoid confusion.

  9. Oh dear — liked this hat in the past as still do – but the sleeves on the dress – ICK – reminds me of some fail dresses I had with belled sleeves in the 60s.

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