Hat From the Past

Royal Hats Looking back 38 years ago to this day in 1979 that saw a Queen Elizabeth arrive in Kuwait in what is to western eyes, one of her most unusual hats. Can you think of any other time when her ever-present brooch was attached to part of her hat?

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11 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Her Majesty always has some interesting needles to thread when it comes to visits in Arab countries, and combining her fashion with their norms. MrFitzroy always recalls a Saudi visit where she had to be declared an “honorary man” in order to attend the banquet in her honor–and the striking blue ensemble she wore on arrival. In looking for a photo of that visit, low and behold, here is HM using the Albert Sapphire brooch to anchor another trailing scarf from her hat…in this case, much more wrapped up — but still….. Always the practical one, our Queen!

  2. I’ve never seen her use a brooch like this before, but I’m pretty sure she has pinned one to a hat at one time or another. Her mother certainly did! And, if not brooches, per se, she has probably fixed a regimental badge to a hat.

    I like this hat! Her Majesty is an expert at diplomatic dressing!

  3. These “culturally appropriate” hats are fascinating.
    Could this below be the same hat remodelled? worn 3 months later on a tour of Denmark.

    The dresses in each pic look the same, and there are those same beige gloves.
    I must say I like Queen Margrethe’s hat a lot. But for me, HM’s just seems too small overall, scarf or no.

  4. I like that she touches on the local style but doesn’t give in and wear a headscarf – proving her power as Queen! And I love that she’s chosen pearls for her outfit, very appropriate, given the pearl-diving history of the Arabian Gulf, including Kuwait. I sometimes regret not buying an ‘antique’ peal buyer’s balance when I lived in the area. Sure, it would be another thing to dust but its links to this lost way of life …. priceless.

  5. Affixing the brooch so that the veil wouldn’t blow was a practical idea. Although I’ve seen this photograph before, I never realized the brooch’s duty. Of course, the whole effect is similar to that presented by the stewardesses of Emirates airlines:
    Emirates Airlines wasn’t even conceived until 6 years after the Queen’s visit to Kuwait.

    • Sorry. I must not have embedded the link correctly.
      Perhaps this one will work:
      Embed from Getty Images

  6. it never seizes to amaze me how many different hat styles there are and how many the Queen has worn, there could be an entire book about out of the box hats like this one, styles she has been worn only once . I assume the Queen has a say in it as well if certain hats sort of disappear , I cannot recall seeing this one again.

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