This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Queen Máxima wore a large silk flower and net headpiece to last week’s society wedding of Filippos Lemos and Marianna Goulandris in London (not sure about the dusty rose headpiece with her coral lace dress). Princess Arianne and Princess Alexia were bridesmaids and wore fresh floral wreaths (Noblesse et Royautes Blog)

Princess Madeleine shared this snap of a cosy hatted Princess Leonore exploring London. Her hat is by Barnum.

More fantastical millinery designs from Stephen Jones at the Dior show herehere, herehere and here– and don’t miss his take on a tiara here. No matter what you think about the pieces, there’s no question that this man’s creativity is astounding.

Rosie Olivia’s SS2017 collection is a vibrant plethora of perchers. We’ve already seen several on Zara Tindall and I expect we’ll see her in a few more.

It’s not often that I see a new millinery design and immediately think it would be great for Queen Elizabeth but when I saw this hat with wonderful feather quills by Maria Marcus, that was my first thought. (Hat Academy)

I just KNOW that my winter doldrums would be instantly cured if Queen Mathilde and Queen Máxima turned up at a joint event in this pair of Meredith McMaster beauties.

Lovely new photos released by the Norwegian Royal Court to mark Princess Astrid’s 85th birthday tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I don’t care whether it’s a lorikeet, a lobster, a lizard, or a small furry marsupial — if I see someone with what appears to be a life-sized creature perching on top of their head, I know I’m going to laugh out loud. Even if it’s Queen Maxima. Sorry, can’t help it.

  2. You’re so right on that Maria Marcus hat: it would suit Queen Elizabeth perfectly. It’s her colors. The fabric-covered hat could match the fabric in her coat. (Send of the shoppers right now to locate that fabric.) The bumper, the sideways trim, the straw brim — all have been used in recent Angela Kelly designs for the Queen. Now the key is that comment in the description of the hat: “the simplicity of the design is contrasted with the more complex elements.” AK: Don’t add an extra headlamp / dead-center flower, and don’t make the hat taller or angle the top.

  3. Yes, PLEASE to the Maria Marcus for Her Majesty and a joint appearance by the two queens in the Meredith McMaster birds. You should be a Royal Hat Consultant, HatQueen!

    Wonderful photos of the Norwegians. Princess Astrid always looks as though she performs her duties with grace and good cheer.

  4. The young bridesmaids looked adorable in their outfits and floral wreaths. I agree I did not think Maxima’s hairpiece did anything to add to her dress. Princess Leonore looked so cute in her warm hat. The new hat designs by Jones may be creative but I can’t say I am a fan, though with the right outfit I might be able to get behind the McMaster birds. Lovely photos of Princess Astrid and of course a very Happy Birthday wish for the very young 85 year old princess!

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