Swedish Royals Welcome Canadian State Visit

Canadian Governor General David Johnston and his wife Sharon arrived in Stockholm yesterday for the start of a four-day state visit. They were greeted at the royal palace by King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Queen Silvia used the occasion to debut a new blue calot hat which topped her matching suit.

Queen Silvia Feb 20, 2017 in Kerstin Carlefalk | Royal Hats

Queen Silvia Feb 20, 2017 in Kerstin Carlefalk | Royal Hats  Queen Silvia Feb 20, 2017 in Kerstin Carlefalk | Royal Hats

A photo shared by the designer gives a great view of this design. The moulded calot base, in blue felt, is embellished with an overlay of widely woven net tulle on the bottom half. Mixed feather trim on the side completes the piece and gives the hat a pop of colour and texture.

Designer: Kerstin Carlefalk
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Once inside the palace, the King, Queen and Canadian guests were joined by Princess Madeleine, Chris O’Neil, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia (Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are abroad on private vacation with their family). Princess Madeleine balanced her printed dress with a simple black headband.
 Princess Madeleine, Feb 20, 2017 | Royal Hats
Princess Sofia topped her sleek white dress in a headpiece not from a milliner, but from Danish jeweller Ole Lynggaard. With gold leaves and pearl berries, the headpiece contrasted nicely against Sofia’s dark hair. It’s an unusual but very interesting choice for a royal headpiece (not one I’m entirely sure is suited to a daytime event) that worked beautifully with Sofia’s pearl earrings. We’ve not seen the newest Swedish princess experiment much with millinery and it’s great to see her step out of the box with this choice.
Princess Sofia, Feb 20, 2017 in Ole Lynggaard | Royal Hats
Princess Sofia, Feb 20, 2017 in Ole Lynggaard | Royal Hats

Designer: Ole Lynggaard
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new
What did you think of this pair of new designs in Sweden yesterday?
Photos from Getty as indicated; Jonas Ekstromer / TT / TT NEWS AGENCY

11 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Welcome Canadian State Visit

  1. The calot Queen Silvia is wearing is such a pretty color and goes especially well with her suit. Agree with others that Princess Sofia’s headpiece is more suited to evening wear; her dress is lovely. And, well done to Mrs. Johnston for wearing a hat!

  2. Silvia has beautiful hair, but as @Ruthtoo said, these calots and pillboxes often get kinda lost (and such is why I’m not a huge fan of them). It’s especially sad since you can only truly appreciate this hat when looking at the back of Silvia. It’s great to see all these details for once, and as a calot I like this one since there is more going on with it, and the color is beautiful too.

    Sharon Johnston’s hat is also a wonderful piece of millinery; it’s not the most exciting hat ever, but it’s nice to see her once again donning a hat for a royal occasion. The size of the brim is excellent for her face, and the fedora-esque crown with the loop trim is great.

    While it’s nice to see Sofia experiment with headpieces, this really does seem more suited for an evening engagement.

  3. Beautiful new calot for Queen Silvia! This one looks much more finished than many of hers. I like the way the trim ties it to the coat.

    I love Princess Sofia’s headpiece, but I agree with HatQueen that it reads more evening than daytime, although I’m not exactly sure why…the shimmer of the metal?

    I always appreciate when non-royals wear hats at these events, so cheers to Mrs. Johnston! The split crown and bow keep the neutral from being boring. But can someone explain what a Governor General is and why it’s not the PM for this visit?

    • Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state in Canada, while the PM is the head of government. Canada is an independent realm of the Commonwealth, and the governor general acts as the monarch’s direct representative. As state visits are made and hosted by heads of state, the governor general represents the monarch during these occasions (and it makes more sense as the governor general would know Canada better, and therefore better represent Canada during these visits).

    • Exactly my thought. If it were worn forward, more as it was positioned in the photograph of it on the stand, the netting wouldn’t look so oddly unfinished in the rear, like a plimsoll line. Otherwise a very handsome and suitable hat.

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