Dutch Monarchs Visit Villages and Farm

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima visited a number of villages near Rotterdam yesterday, making stops in Bergambacht, Berkenwoude, Krimpen aan den IJssel  and at a guest farm in Gouderak. For these visits, Queen Máxima repeated her coffee coloured straw hat with upswept slice brim, pairing it with a bright pink dress, matching brown purse, wrap, gloves and shoes, and a statement beaded collar necklace and earrings.

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This shade of brown might not have been my first choice for a neutral to pair with the otherwise bright ensemble but it links well with the orange beads in the statement jewellery set and the overall ensemble makes unexpected sense. It’s a vibrant and lighthearted look that Queen Máxima wears very well. This was this hat’s seventh outing with as many different dresses and made for one of my favourite pairings to date.

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What did you think of this this hat’s pairing with this ensemble yesterday?
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24 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Visit Villages and Farm

  1. I think this colour combination works surprisingly well. The one thing I don’t like about the hat is when it is against a strong light, you see through it (to the crown beyond) which really spoils the look for me (like a see-through dress without a lining, it doesn’t seem properly finished).

  2. I love this pink dress. Queen Maxima has a lot of pink hats she could have worn, including one in a very similar style to this brown hat. But it must have been the necklace she wore that led to the choice of her bronze/brown accessories. It does work surprisingly well, I think, just like the recent pairing of gray with green. She is definitely opening our eyes to new neutrals or new uses of neutrals by switching up the combos like this. I’m not sure I should be using the term neutral here since gray and brown are colors. What I mean is accessories, even when they don’t match the outfit directly, don’t have to always be either black or white (or tan, our modern version of white). What I love is the sense we get that Queen Maxima has such fun with her clothes and is so comfortable in whatever she wears, no matter how surprising. So I hope it’s not true that she is close to adopting a uniform style.

  3. Stunning! To me, Queen Maxima could go on and on with this hat…her change of outfit is like seeing a change of background scenery coming alive! This dress is so pretty, in color and style, and she has the perfect figure for it. The neckless appears to be a collar and its color is so stunning..like some crystallized brown sugar sprinkled about in it. (It looks that way only to me I’m sure!). The earrings are perfect in scale and together with the neckless pull the whole look together to frame her beautiful face and THAT fabulous hat! The trip to Paris dress, the white Gucci dress and the silk Aquamarine dress are my favorites with this hat, and I’m adding this ensemble as my fourth. And I’d like to comment on how happy she and her husband look..they are radiant, and it is wonderful for all the world to see!!

  4. Gorgeous. This whole outfit is a triumph (although those darn hat pins are back). The beaded necklace suits the dress very well and her brown accessories, somehow, really work. When she’s good, she’s excellent!

  5. Max looks absolutely gorgeous! Her colors are magnificently cheerful and her face radiates with the joy of her inner being. Her Majesty’s charming chapeau anchors and nicely balances the vivid colors. Well done 😻😘👏🏼

  6. Queen Maxima certainly gets her value out of her slice brim hats. Good for her! She looks fantastic in these pictures. I think the combination of the coffee brown and hot pink is wonderful. And, pink and orange together is a great pairing and one the Dutch queen has employed successfully many times. Full marks, your Highness!

  7. This queen can do no wrong……and it works because she understands what colors look good on her. It is good to be queen.

  8. She makes the combo work that’s for sure.

    But isn’t the coloured dress/neutral slice hat just becoming a bit of a uniform now? I mean it’s older queens (Elizabeth/Beatriz/Queen Mum) that did that whole thing, I just feel Max is a bit on the young Side to settle into a style so much…

    • Interesting- it is becoming a sort of working uniform for her. What amazes me is how much she changes around the pieces within this uniform- she’s worn this hat seven times in the space of a year and with a different dress each time. It’s pretty much the same with her other neutral hats. I think her her stylist deserves credit for keeping things interesting.

      • Oh I couldn’t agree more there – she gets a lot of value out of her clothes and she always looks well put together (well there’s the odd slip up, but we’ll overlook those!) Don’t get me wrong I love the look, I just feel she’s a bit young to have settled into a signature shape already.

        • I wonder if some of this is because she works, almost exclusively, with a single milliner? She seemed to have much more variety in shape, scale and style when she wore designs from several different milliners.

    • It’s true that this combination is sort of her default, but as I look at HatQueen’s posts from the last few months, I see fedoras, a pillbox, the doughnut, and others. She seems to enjoy experimenting with her look, so I think we’ll still see plenty of variety.

  9. Although it’s not a standard color combination, I think the whole outfit is great. The coffee/brown/tan accessories and hat tone down the hot, hot pink a little, and the simple dress pattern sets off the totally over-the-top necklace and earrings. The flowers are a good addition too. I think this outfit is a success.

  10. I think the clean, simple lines allow this unusual color combo to shine! I shall enjoy the jewelry on the assumption that the girls spent the weekend having a bead crafting party, and one simply must do the “proud mama” thing! 😉

  11. She clearly loves this hat, and it’s another great outing for it too! I agree that this bronzy/ruddy brown would not have been my choice to pair with this hot pink dress, but Máxima pulls it off. Also, usually I’m ambivalent when it comes to her jewelry, but I don’t care for this collar necklace; it looks too clunky for the rest of the ensemble.

  12. If anyone could pull this look off, it is Maxima! She is just plain fabulous. The unusual colour combination worked well and made her stand out in the crowd, which is a good thing.

  13. I’m a sucker for bright pink and big hats, so I’m loving this. And they both look like they’re having a wonderful time!

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