Hat From the Past

Royal Hats  to 40 years ago tomorrow and an interesting blue hat worn on a tour of New Zealand.

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19 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Here it is again. With different (better) shoes and bag. Why have I never noticed before how chunky and industrial those reverse-stitched kid gloves look?

    The outfit says Japanese-sailor-girl/schoolgirl to me, especially with that formal side bow on the hat. Not so much” too old” for HM, as WAAAAY too young and girly. It could be a great look for Princess Beatrice or Viscountess Linley..
    At first I thought the “slipping hat” style looked odd; but the creativity of the concept has grown on me. However it does need better hairstyle modification around the forehead area to avoid the “scullcap” emphasis.

  2. You know, I kinda like this one. It’s eccentric, but the lines are clean and the diagonal gives her some height. It’s certainly better than the fussy floral turbans she wore during these years. As many have commented, the styles in the ’70s were pretty dreadful.

    It’s true that the Queen went to a matronly look sooner than she needed to. I think 50 was considered a lot older then. Maybe HM was just trying to avoid the “mutton dressed as lamb” effect or maybe she observed the fashion trends and issued a firm Royal NO! It will be interesting to see how the younger queens like Mathilde and Max change as they age.

    Love the new date index on the Hats from the Past, HatQueen!

  3. I really like the shape of this hat, though the colouring is not flattering at all. Less said about the skirt suit the better, boxy, frumpy, ugly pleats, just no!

  4. I like this hat, except for the white skullcap part of it. I wonder if the hat would stay on at that angle without the cap part. Do milliners have other methods of keeping angled hats on, maybe a hidden headband?
    The outfit is certainly one for a slender person, which the Queen was then. I can see Dutchess Kate wearing it. It’s in line with both her retro and buttoned up styles.

  5. I always loved this, but t was unusual for the Queen to wear a skirt suit. My own view is that skirt suits look more business woman while a dress and coat look more regal. Probably that refects a lifetime’s exposure to the British idea of regal.

  6. It is unusual to see the Queen wearing a suit for a public event. I like this one. As to the hat: the base sort of looks like a pudding basin upturned and the rest of piece a separate entity. Strange. Do we know who designed the hat?

  7. I am with JamesB. This was an overly matronly period for Her Majesty. The suit itself is classic, but the hat sits flatly on her head, squashing her hair. If the area of the hat around her face had been the blue rather than the white, it might have been better; the white kills the queen’s lovely complexion. I would have to disagree that this costume could be worn by HM today. Though the style of the suit is indeed classic, and looked very trim on her then, the jacket is too fitted for the queen nowadays–and unless one is supernaturally thin at an older age, box pleats are generally not flattering. Lovely blue though–and that always suits the queen.

  8. Hmm. This is about the time the Queen entered her frumpy stage for me, which she didn’t leave until the early noughties. Everything was Just a bit too boxy and older than her years. That hat is a puzzler too, very odd shape.

    • Interesting, JamesB. I realised a few months back that I wasn’t including a lot of the Queen’s hats from this era because it wasn’t my favourite era of her fashion. I’ve had to make a deliberate effort to include it!

      • I guess the outfit does make reference to the fashion of the times, but she stayed with this kind of style for longer than fashion did! I know we criticise Angela Kelly, but I do think it was only once she was dressing the Queen the the silhouette became a more flattering one, when the current rota of couturiers came on circa 2001. There were a few excellent outfits but from the late 70s to the millennium, I think that 80% of the time she just looked a bit matronly.

        I feel a bit mean now!

      • Could we do a “top 5” outfits from this era….. The outfits from Sarah Chatto, and Prince Andrews weddings most certainly could be worn today at any event, by any woman.. If I remember rightly the outfit for Andrews wedding had a twin which would also fit the bill, and the lovely green Annus Horribilus outfit. Any other suggestions ??

    • I agree. The purse is exceptionally long and the shoes even less flattering than usual too. (Of course, at least they’re not black.) Lots of clothing that is dated still looks chic. This does not. This looks clunky.
      I’m afraid that Angela Kelly’s creations do not always reflect first-rate workmanship, but her streamlining the Queen’s look has made a welcome difference in her appearance.

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