Queen Elizabeth Opens Charterhouse

This morning, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh officially opened refurbished areas of the Charterhouse, a historic complex of buildings in London dating back to the 14th century that operates today as an Almshouse to male pensioners. For this visit, the Queen repeated her silk embroidered wool hat with diagonal crown and wired sequin flower trim. Today’s outdoor photos pick up the pink and blue threads in the wool and show that not only is the ensemble not ecru (as it previously appeared to be), the hat and coat have considerable dimension, depth and texture. It’s a subtle palate with details best viewed at close range but one that, I think, improves greatly with today’s better view.

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Designer: Angela Kelly. Made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: September 11, 2016September 6, 2015; May 20, 2015December 30, 2014April 30, 2013
What do you think of this delicate hat?
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18 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Opens Charterhouse

  1. Beautiful look on HM. Nice and fresh and modern with the ruffled tweet too! Looking at the pictures from earlier outings, I think the embellishment on the hat might actually have been changed from golden beads on the flowers to white or ecru shimery things? Small change, hudge improvement in my humble opinion!

    • Here is a side-by-side view of the hat at its first appearance April 30, 2013 then again yesterday. I’m not convinced the trim has changed…
      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

  2. Oh I love love this on HM! I’m usually not a non-color person but the subtle colors and texture in this are just great. So wonderful. And perfect for this time of year that’s still wintery but with hope that spring is coming. You go your majesty!!

    • Shannon, i agree with you 100%! HM looks perfect,slanted crown and all!
      She’ll be 91 in 7 weeks, and going strong!
      I’m off to buy a bottle of Dubonnet! I’ve got the Beefeater already.

  3. While not my first choice for HM, overall this is a nice ensemble, especially for this time of year. I’m not thrilled with some of the details, especially the sequins in the hat trim and on the buttons of her coat. The hat shape is very flattering for HM in my opinion. After the health scares earlier this winter, I’m glad to see her looking good again!

  4. Your description of the hat as delicate is spot on regarding the trim. Does the Queen have any other hats with such delicate stems and small flowers? I can’t make out the embroidery but I trust you that it is there. This is a beautiful outfit and hat ( in spite of the diagonal crown which is not my favorite).

    • Looking through the inventories here to refresh my memory I did find a lot of hats with delicate flowers and if not stems then feathers. Most of these, but not all, have been made by Rachel Trevor Morgan. She does gorgeous flowers!

  5. Gorgeous outfit all up. I forgive the angle on the crown and the high coat neckline, because I love the modernity of the look, which is so very Karl Lagerfeld, with its whimsical highly-textured juxtaposition of classic tweed with raw edges and sequins. And the colours are fabulous with HM’s silver hair and especially with her pearls. As Snug Harbour says, it’s interesting that the little pocket has gone, but I feel its absence is no loss.

  6. This fabric always has been one of my favorites. Although it does, in fact, appear a somewhat uninteresting light tan or ecru from a distance, it’s surprisingly colorful up close or indoors, and the trim on the coat as well as the flower on the hat highlight the fabric’s pink and blue. Of course, in its first wearing for the state visit from the UAE in 2013 there was even more trim on that top little (watch?) pocket that’s inexplicably been removed.
    I think this is one of AK’s more successful diagonal crown hats.

  7. I really love the subtlety of this ensemble, and particularly the sequin trim. I wonder why her Majesty didn’t wear a brooch?

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