Cheltenham Festival 2017 Day 2

A trio of British royal women attended Ladies’ Day at the Cheltenham Festival yesterday. The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her glorious St. Patrick’s Day themed hat in loden green velvet felt, a hat I was so pleased to see reappear. There’s so much to love about this hat- the luminous sheen of the felt, the cheeky shamrock trim, the saturated colour, the way the upfolded side of the brim balances the bold leaf trim, and the wonderful Celtic knot inspired hatband detail- all things that make it a great hat for Camilla. It was not, however, paired well with her aqua woven tweed dress and printed pink scarf. Slightly disappointing for a hat we’ve waited over a decade to see make its second appearance.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: Mar 17, 2006

Princess Anne repeated her hat in warm wheat-hued straw with feather covered under brim, wide ivory silk sash hatband, and feather spray held by a button at the side. The lighting in today’s photos show the brim of this hat to greater effect than we’ve seen before- I think the feathers on the underbrim give much more interesting texture and depth to this design than we previously gave them credit. It helps that Anne’s camel coat and caramel silk blouse are the perfect pairings with this hat. although I’d still like to take a scissors to some of the vertical side feathers and that horribly dated sash hatband.

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Designer: unkown
Previously Worn: March 18, 2016December 25, 2015June 16, 2015

Zara Tindall wore a royal purple felt almond shaped percher cocktail hat trimmed with three goose sword feathers anchored with sequin rosettes and black crin sculptural rings. It is a great topper for her black and white hounds tooth coat, giving the outfit a lovely pop of colour. Percher hats are easily over trimmed but Rosie Olivia, once again, gets the balance of embellishment just right. We see Zara in a lot of similarly shaped hats and while I hear some of your calls for this brave ha wearer to change it up a little, today’s ensemble shows just how well she wears this style.

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Designer: Rosie Olivia. It is a version of the “Ruffalo” design
Previously Worn: This hat is new
What do you think of this trio of British royal hats yesterday at Cheltenham?
Photos from Getty as indicated

23 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival 2017 Day 2

  1. Right, swimming against the tide here …

    Camilla’s hat is dreadful – too green and too much of it. It’s a block of moss off the forest floor pretending to be a hat! I agree the coat is terrible with it, but I can’t imagine what you would pair this with. The link to 2006 doesn’t show the whole outfit and IMHO that doesn’t seem an entirely successful pairing either in terms of the dominance of the hat colour.

    I’ve said it before, I like Anne’s hat, all of it (even the sash). It’s channelling Edwardian style and I love it – and doesn’t that feather underbrim look gorgeous with the sun shining through it? Of course, she could have done me a huge favour and made the rest of her outfit echo that Edwardian vibe, but what can you do? It’s Anne, she does her own thing and I adore her.

    Zara is terrific. That’s all.

  2. Either Zara’s a lot taller than I give her credit for, or James Nesbitt is much shorter than I thought he was! (And I’ve just been and Googled and apparently he claims 5′ 11″ or 1.8m. Mike Tindall is 6′ 1″ or 1.82m. Still doesn’t seem right.)

  3. Zara’s hat is the winner today. Love the purple and black paired with the houndstooth coat – so often people pair it with red or yellow and that’s kind of boring now to my eye. Anyway! Camilla and Anne’s hats are both good shapes but could do with a trimming update. I’d take off one or two of the holly leaves off Camilla’s hat or leave those and take off the shamrocks. This is a rare miss for her in the coat stakes, so I’m hoping that it is just a trick of light/photography and her coat actually reads more green in person. Anne’s hat needs to have that rumply hat band removed.

  4. I do like Anne and her daughter. They are so unpretentious. I wouldn’t have noticed it myself but as others have pointed it out now I see that Zara’s hat would be so much better if its base was bigger. I love the rich purple colour with her houndstooth coat. Now Camilla’s hat needs to come out again at Christmas with some red holly berries added.

    • Holly berries, indeed. Even though the shamrocks are clearly there, they are overshadowed by what looks to me like big holly leaves. This one just looks like a Christmas hat. I like it, and love the color, if only the embellishments were….smaller……much smaller. The moss or olive color is also a dreadful mismatch with her suit, which appears mint green on my monitor.

  5. Camilla’s hat is the winner, Zara’s a close second and Anne’s a distant third. Anne’s hat would be improved if I could get past those weird sunglasses.

  6. The comments seem almost unanimous. Camilla’s hat is a marvel, but wrong pairing with suit. Anne’s hat is okay from one angle but that wide band of white fabric is awful. Zara’s hat is fun. I agree with those who wish she’d try some different and larger styles.

  7. I really applaud Zara’s hats, they are usually good fun. These two at Cheltenham are no exception, they are lovely. However, with Zara’s hats, I almost always think, as I did with these, that while they look great close up, they simply don’t do the overall look any favours. They don’t provide the balance that the rest of the outfit on Zara needs, so in the end, the proportions are almost always wrong. There have been exceptions, of course, but generally Zara would be better served by a hat with more of a brim.

    I love Anne’s hat (except for the weird hat band); the feather detail is really beautiful and unusual, and the fact that it’s so asymmetrical appeals to me.

    As usual I love the flamboyance of the Duchess’s hat, but as everyone has said, the paring with the coat is not good.

  8. I’m going to think that maybe in person Camilla’s coat doesn’t clash so badly with the fabulous hat. And, it is fabulous!
    Anne’s hat is almost her version of a picture hat with that wide upswept brim on one side.
    Zara is in a groove, and it’s a groovy groove. She is looking quite stylish and knocking it out of the park with her cocktail hats. Full Marks!

  9. Zara is more coordinated today. She does seems to wear the same style of hat for all her outings, but love the bold color choices. Yes, Camilla’s hat is wonderful and is a perfect shade of green, but it ends there. She sometimes wears coats that make her look too wide. And Princess Anita wearing a straw hat in the winter is a stretch, but it at least coordinates with her coat. I agree she need to lose the fabric embellishment and the glasses.

  10. Zara looks fabulous! A perfect ensemble from head to toe. Love the pop of purple!
    Camilla’s shamrock hat is absolutely beautiful, but I agree that the styling is all wrong. With such a stunning hat, she could have worn a simple outfit in black or ivory to keep the focus on that green masterpiece.
    I can’t decide if I like Anne’s hat. The feather placement is rather interesting, but I concur that the sash is doing the piece no favors.

  11. I like Camilla’s hat and I like green – I just don’t like that green. I think it is safe to say that the green of her hat and the green/mint/aqua of her coat are not playing nice together. I like the shape of Anne’s hat but not the execution. While Zara’s hat is colorful, she seems to be stuck in a rut. I don’t know that I have seen her wear anything but a percher or fascinator style hat. She needs to try something different.

  12. I love Zara’s hat… bold and edgy in design and it goes great with her coat. She seems to be favoring this style and I can see why she looks fantastic.
    Camilla’s hat is great. I love its bold color and it does look great on her but it fails when paired with her coat.
    Anne’s hat is certainly an interesting one. I agree with Hat Queen it might look better without the hat band but it does go well with her coat.

  13. Oh Camilla’s hat is amazing and Zara looks perfect!! I think Princess Anne is my favorite though just because I love the shape of her hat, her outfit (so sophisticated) and the feathers on the underbrim. The hatband is wretched, but I just won’t look at the pictures from that angle. What a fun day of interesting hats!

  14. I almost cried upon seeing Camilla bringing back this hat because I love it so much, and then I almost cried for a different reason because she chose an absolutely wrong outfit to pair it with! While both the hat and the outfit are great on their own, together they do not work, and I think a lighter charcoal grey coat would’ve been a much better choice. Regardless, I will continue to marvel at this hat.

    Definitely not my favorite hat for Anne, but I was expecting a worse choice! The feathered underbrim works very well for Cheltenham, but I agree with @JamesB that it seems so unbalanced.

    Zara looks absolutely wonderful, and this hat and outfit were perfect for Ladies’ Day. I agree that it would be nice to see something larger for her at Cheltenham, but she has almost never made a wrong step with the percher cocktail hats she has chosen over the years (at least for Cheltenham), and I like to see her continue that reliable streak.

  15. I agree with Hat Queen too: great hat for St. Patrick’s day/wrong green coat; perfection for Zara; and Princess Anne at least gets credit for giving us something to talk about. The high side brim of her hat does showcase the feathers in quite a jaunty way.

  16. Everyone has already expressed my thoughts perfectly. Such a shame about the pairing if the Duchess’s hat and coat. Neither one gets its due. Zara us her usual fashion forward self. And Anne, bless her, is just Anne. When she gets it right we are all thrilled. She has a magnificent figure and posture, but need to weed out her wardrobe,

  17. I do wish Zara would try hats with a bit larger scale. Her sleek hairdos with small hats makes her head look out of proportion with her shoulders and overall stature.

  18. Bless Anne, she is a hot mess. I think it wouldn’t be so bad if she had paired it with a more contemporary and less sporty pair of sunglasses. Zara looks great, and I love her coat.

    The Duchess’ hat is magnificient but indeed is totally the wrong pairing with her aqua coat.

  19. Couldn’t agree more; Camilla’s hat is fabulous but it is so wrong with this outfit. The proportions of Anne’s hat are all wrong, that massive side brim bothers me, it’s just so imbalanced.

    I LOVE Zara’s outfit – that houndstooth coat is fantastic and the purple is absolutely the right combo with it.

    • Yesterday’s photos show the odd shape of the brim on Anne’s hat- on one side, it’s as short as a cloche brim but then extends in an extreme oval on the other side. It looks like the vertical feathers on the short side are an attempt to balance things but I agree- in the end it’s simply off balance.

    • I love the fuchsia of the hat, although overall it’s rather meh to me. I agree completely about the perfect pairing of the coat with the bright color of the hat. I love black and white houndstooth. An absolute timeless classic.

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