Queen Reopens National Army Museum

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited The National Army Museum in London today to officially reopen the facility following its 3 year redevelopment. For this event, the Queen repeated  the hat we first saw her wear in Malta a year and a half ago. In one of her signature go-to shapes, this design features an angular crown with domed top and upfolded brim and is entirely covered in the same pale blue bouclé as her coat. The hat is trimmed with navy silk roses and leaves, tightly tucked between the crown and upfolded brim.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The hat is a signature shape for Queen Elizabeth for good reason- it works well on her and does not obscure her bright face. It’s the trimmings on the ensemble that let it down for me- the rose stuffed behind the brim, the jarring navy buttons on the coat- small things perhaps but ones that detract from the ensemble. Replace the buttons with something more delicate that actually works with the Queen’s ever present pearls (something similar to these), rethink the hat’s trim and I think we’d have a winning, working outfit for Her Majesty.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: Nov 27, 2015

I might be overly nitpicking this ensemble but when silly buttons detract from a hat, my claws come out! What do you think of this second outing of this hat today?
Photos from Getty as indicated

24 thoughts on “Queen Reopens National Army Museum

  1. I love every bit of it. From a distance the buttons and rose jump out as pops of color. I love the rounded shape of the hat compared to some of the others that look more like major domo at the hotel door type shapes. Sorry, I am admiring every bit of this. The background color makes her white hair silvery and shiny, perfectly kind queen like. I say….IT Works!

  2. After looking back the previous outing, I’ve become completely convinced for me the problem with this hat is the brim. It is just rolled up too tight and too high, and this time HM is wearing the hat farther back on her head, which makes the brim look even higher. A lower brim would help show off the rose a lot more, and help tie in the buttons (which I personally like) better.

    I also continue to wonder why we don’t see more hats on the royal men for everyday outings. More fedoras and bowlers for the princes please!

  3. I think that this actually is extremely pretty fabric. Subdued from a distance, it’s delightfully colorful up front. The trim on the coat, a similar blue and green mixture, blends well.
    But those BUTTONS! Just remove them. They’re too close together, they’re too distractingly dark, they’re unnecessary, and they’re just plain ugly. I suppose the navy hat poof is supposed to go with them. It does: it too is too dark, unnecessary and ugly.
    I like the hat shape (aside from its use in the pink and green with giant rose above). If trim is needed on today’s hat, why can’t AK just pull some of that blue-green braid from the neck of the coat. I think this outfit in its current form is awful.

  4. I suppose navy buttons were chosen because of her black accessories (just a guess). They would be better plain navy and fabric covered rather than the plastic-y things with pointless patterning, that’s for sure. My nitpick is the trim around the neck and cuffs. Why the aqua? (I know, likely to have something to do with the unseen dress, but still …) And if aqua detail there, why not on the hat? The ‘rose’ seems to have brown elements in it, which is weird. On the plus side the coat looks like a nice fit and is a flattering style.

    I don’t mind the hat shape – ER seems to wear anything with panache – but I do mind the squashed folded-handkerchief rose and it being so front-centre, creating that dreaded miner’s headlamp. Skew it to our left a bit and it might be better, that and do something about the colour of it.

    From afar, quite nice. Up closer a few annoying details.

  5. The trim on the coat pulls out the bright blue and green in the boucle and I think it might have looked better if the hat trim and buttons were in one or both of those bright colors too, instead of in navy. I love the fabric and I don’t mind the hat being covered in it. It makes a nice wintery look. The rose is too squished though. My favorite hat in this shape is the wedgewood blue one, on which the lace fits nicely between the crown and brim.

  6. I can’t love this hat shape on HM. it looks like a flower pot turned upside down. And it makes her lovely hair go into a poodle-poof! On a different shape, even the mad hatter one or the teardrop crown, I think it would be much better and the trimming flowers wouldn’t look so squashed in there. I don’t mind the buttons on the coat, but it bothers me that the buttonhole is too high and the button covers the trim around the neckline.

  7. Her Majesty is looking well. So engaged in what she is doing.
    The hat is … ok. In my opinion, it would look much better with the flower removed and a pair of slim feathers added on one side. Ms Kelly seems to love the miner’s helmet style of flower placement.
    As far as the coat, I don’t mind the buttons. What bothers me more is the teal (?) trim on the neck and cuffs. Maybe that color is part of the boucle fabric, but it is the wrong color to pull out if you are using navy as an accent.

  8. This is not the best color combination for the queen…..very boring! Do not like the Queen in this tweed fabric look. Love the basic hat design.

  9. The other thing that really bothers me is how often the neckline of Her Majesty’s coat is off-centre. I think she must have unbalanced shoulders and some designers take that into consideration, and compensate is such a way that the coat looks perfect. But this is one of the many Angela Kelly’s designs that is wonky.

    • Yes, the neckline its off center in about half of the Queen’s outings. This is especially true when one sees just the dresses, whose necklines tend to be wider than the coats’ necklines. Smaller, tightly buttoned necks usually (not always) work, but once there’s extra space at the neck — doubtlessly more comfortable — the coat and dress shift. This is distracting, I agree.

  10. I rather like this total look apart from that awful cheap looking trim on the coat neckline and cuffs. Without the trim (leftovers from the matching dress, I guess) the dark buttons add a little punch, especially as they are repeated on the sleeves. Now if only she had worn one of her delicious sapphire brooches……

    • That’s the problem for me – remove that bit of trim and I think you’ve got a unified look; the buttons just break up the whole thing then. Ita hard to trim this shape hat too, and the navy roses don’t upset me too much, they’re pretty simple.

      It’s not my favourite of her looks, but I certainly don’t honk it’s terrible.

  11. I like the shape of the hat and the boule fabric for both that and HM’s coat. Don’t mind the navy buttons but the rose hat trim is “off”. On the other hand, as I mentioned on your post earlier this week, both the Queen and Prince Philip are looking in fine form.

  12. Here I sit in Minority Corner again! Of all Angela Kelly’s designs, this one, aptly named “Domed Crown and Upfolded Brim,” is not one of my favorites. I went to HQ’s Hat Design Features link, and did indeed find several very nice ones (the Wedgwood coming to mind first) then saw the comical pink/green number . . . the only thing missing from that ensemble was a water squirting boutonniere!
    Embed from Getty Images
    HQ: You mentioned the men with no hats – why? I always found it odd that on the coldest days, such as the annual walk to church on Christmas, the men (myself included) who are follically challenged, need extra warmth and coverage when outdoors for any length of time. Fashion etiquette is very interesting.

    • When I was about 8-10 years old my mother’s cousin was at a funeral I also attended and he was wearing a hat and sunglasses at the cemetery. I remember saying he looked like a Secret Service agent and, after chuckling at my comment, he said he wore the hat and glasses because he was getting old and needed protection from the sun. He was both dapper and practical. I’m now about the age that he was then and I have the exact same attitude – I wear a hat because it is practical, but also dapper!

      • CC:
        I am the same as you for head protection, and I’ll bet it’s a lot worse in the Windy City! BTW, I guess I’m the only one who thinks of myself as so hilarious as no one commented on my boutonniere crack . . . oh well. As for your first comment today, the link that I unsuccessfully sent to Buffy is in fact a picture of HM in Malta, later that 1st day of her arrival, SANS CHAPEAU! And her hair looked very nice. More similar pictures of her the next day also can be found. “Rex Features” is the source, not “Getty,” hence the problem.
        Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!
        Embed from Getty Images

  13. I really do not like this hat at all – I think it looks a bit big and I hate the flower stuck on the front like an afterthought. The navy buttons would work better if the hat had a navy crown with the brim in the boucle.

  14. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were joined by the Duke of Kent who is the museum’s Patron. As to be expected, no hats for the men!

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