Cheltenham Festival Day 3: Princess Royal & Lady Windsor

Princess Anne spotted at the third day of the Cheltenham Festival today, repeating a black hat she has owned (and worn) since the late1960s. I’m not sure the tall, Homburg shaped crown does her any favours (something not good is going on with that indent) although I’m intrigued by the gold pin she affixed to the front.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

Designer: John Boyd
Previously Worn: March 14, 2014; 1990s; April 15, 19711969 and likely many others

A black hat that DID work was the Garbo style design worn by Lady Frederick Windsor. It’s a classic piece, elevated with a double Persham hatband and  intricately detailed frog closure on the side, that Sophie wears very well.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: I think this is new
My favourite black royal hat today at Cheltenham was undoubtedly the one worn by Zara Tindall. Which was your favourite?
Photos from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival Day 3: Princess Royal & Lady Windsor

  1. I believe Ps Anne’s hat is from the 1960’s,,,, I also think the coat is from the same time period, I had one just like that in high school! Wish I still had it and it fit!

  2. I vote for Lady Frederick even though I don’t love black with pale pink. it’s a great classic hat with just enough interest with the frog trim.

  3. Princess Anne should have borrowed Camilla’s St. Patrick’s day hat. It would have gone nicely with her coat. My favorite hat today is Lady Frederick’s; it’s a basic hat with a nice shape and an interesting frog decoration.

  4. Overall I like Anne’s fedora, but the crown definitely has seen better days. Also, what is with that pin directly in the front? Finally, my least favorite part of her whole ensemble is the bright red scarf, which is too harsh of a contrast with the rest of her outfit in my opinion.

    Great to see Sophie out, and I love her hat. Sure it’s simple, but it is done well, and the hatband details are really nicely done. The coordination with the black turtleneck and light pink coat is excellent and gives you the idea that spring is coming, but we’re still easing into it.

  5. I think they both work. Princess Anne’s hat is not a favorite, but she looks so her that I can’t complain.

  6. Anne reminds me of Queen Margarethe: they both recycle older clothes, they wear what they like, they are comfortable with their choices, and they don’t care what anyone thinks. I like Sophie’s hat and coat much better, but I admire Anne’s don’t give a damn approach!

  7. Considering the comment I made about Zara’s hat, it iwllmnit surorise anyone to hear I prefer Lady Frederick’s hat.

  8. This is Anne at her aristo “couldn’t care less” best. Boots too short, hat dented, coat doing nothing much, red cravat, knot in the handbag strap, unfashionable sunglasses? Great, let’s go.

    Sophie is gorgeous and that hat is a winner. Simple and elegant, with some elegant punch!

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