Cheltenham Festival Day 3: Zara Tindall

Zara Phillips attended the third day of the Cheltenham Festival in a fantastic velour felt fedora with extended brim, trimmed with a cascade of burgundy and gold beadwork on the left side and a simple black hatband. Paired with her burgundy-brown coat and faux fur stole, the overall look is wonderfully glamorous. There’s been some rumblings here over the past two days about Zara’s penchant for percher hats and this design, with a beautifully curved brim and worn at just the right angle, is brilliant on her.

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Designer: Rosie Olivia
Previously Worn: this hat is new
What do you think of this bedazzled fedora on Zara today?
Stay tuned later tonight for a look at the hats worn by Princess Anne and Lady Frederick Windsor to the races today.
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25 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival Day 3: Zara Tindall

  1. Zara looks wonderful in a brimmed hat! Would it have been too much if Mike wore one too? I don’t think so. They look good, and happy.

  2. Hurray for the brimmed hat, and she does wear it nicely, BUT I think the proportions are off. Jake is right about the crown being too small. I don’t care for the embellishment, either. It reads gaudy to me.

  3. That is one seriously fabulous hat, but I do think the ensemble would’ve worked better with dark hose. Or a longer coat. Or a different handbag. I WANT THE HAT (and the occasion to wear it)!

  4. Love Zara, love her hats and outfits but … I’m just not sure about this. I actively don’t like how the hat’s tilted over one eye but can’t imagine it sitting four-square either. I actively don’t like the faux jewels and the way they spill down the hat, but the hat would be nothing without them. Quandry time. I don’t like the black with the brown. However, I do like the faux fur collar and her shoes, very much – and I love seeing her look so happy. And I agree with others that the coat is ever-so-slightly too short (actually, a common failing with Zara).

  5. The hat suits the lady to a T; and the fur and hat look great together. But I cannot say I like the coat–the double breasted design does nothing for Mrs. Tindall. It makes her look short-waisted. The colors are great, the shoes are wonderful, but another style of coat might have been more flattering.

  6. I’ve never been one for fedoras, but the overall look – the shape of the hat, along with the big fur collars Zara favors (glad to read it’s fake fur), gives an overall 30’s look that I love. I can’t say as much for the embellishment on the hat. I’m not as enamored of it, and would have liked the hat better if it had been omitted.

  7. That’s more like it! -ask and you shall receive! I was one wanting a different hat style on Zara and voila, there she is in a very flattering fedora. She’s certainly a beauty.

  8. I saw this earlier as was like “Aha! Ask and ye shall receive!” haha. Overall this is an excellent hat and a nice departure from the percher cocktail hats (which I adore, by the way). My only complaint is the crown is much too small; increase it’s overall size to balance out the hat a little more, and it would be perfect.

    Also, I really love Mike’s windowpane blazer, but when you compare his overall looks to Zara’s, Mike looks like he should be freezing. Some of the outfit contrasts at Cheltenham really confuse me haha. Also, another example of a time a nice fedora would be a great addition for a royal guy’s outfit.

  9. Usually I’m a big admirer of Zara, but I don’t care for anything about this outfit: the colors, the short coat, the faux fur overdose, shiny purse, bedazzling… No. The whole thing seems tacky to me.

  10. I’m actually not that keen on the hat by itself, but I do think this proves the point I made about a bigger brimmed hat being better for the balance of the whole outfit – this looks much better on Zara overall.

  11. I liked the hat except for the bead work. I thought it was just too much. Other than that, her outfit was good, and the proportions were perfect. I am not a fan of fur or faux fur in general, but the stole added a nice touch.

    • I stared at it for a long time wondering the same thing. The coat has a burgundy undertone to it (see how it matches the gloves) and with the burgundy beading on the hat, I think it all works. I think it’s also further confirmation that a stylist is pulling together these looks.

    • Well, she has a black patent leather purse, brown suede shoes, burgundy coat. Add a bedazzled hat and then a fur collar. What do you get? Zara. It’s not traditional styling, but it is what makes her stand out. Like Queen Máxima, Zara carries off almost all looks on the strength of her personality.

  12. I love the shape of this hat on Zara, but sadly it looks to me as if a seagull “passed over” and left a souvenir.

    • Seriously? I don’t know about where you live but I’ve never seen couture level beadwork “pass over” from a bird. You don’t have to like it but you also don’t have to be rude about it.

      Yesterday a whole bunch of you were complaining that her hats were too small (cocktail hats ARE small BTW). Today, you don’t like the beadwork. You all gush over the hats Diana wore but NEWSFLASH that was 30 years ago and we’re living in the present. Keep up with current fashion.

      Zara does.

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