Cheltenham Festival Day 4

The Princess Royal, Autumn Phillips and Zara Tindall took in the final day of racing at the Cheltenham Festival, all in new hats. Princess Anne topped her navy suit and green wool wrap with a navy fabric hat with raised brim on one side. Trimmed with a navy flower and gold brooch on one side, I suspect this seamed fabric hat is a rain proof one, which explains the integrated hatband and very informal shape. For a rain hat, it’s a good one, despite being a little big the princess. I just hope she doesn’t trot it out for official engagements.

Princess Anne, Mar 17, 2017 | Royal Hats  Princess Anne, Mar 17, 2017 | Royal Hats

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Zara Phillips wore her third new Rosie Olivia hat in as many days, a percher cocktail design with black felt teardrop shaped base trimmed with blue spotted ginnea fowl feathers around the top of the hat. The colour scheme on this piece is wonderful, particularly paired with Zara’s blue wool coat. Her millinery this week has, as usual, been A game.

Zara Tindall, Mar 17, 2017 in Rosie Olivia  Zara Tindall, Mar 17, 2017 in Rosie Olivia

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Designer: Rosie Olivia
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Autumn Phillips topped her high collared tweed coat in a matching percher hat with circular tweed base, tweed rosettes and a tall pheasant feather. On its own, the small hat might look a bit silly but it is well balanced with the long feather and oversize collar- a collar that wouldn’t work with a larger hat.
Autumn Phillips, Mar 17, 2017 | Royal Hats
Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
This wraps up the hats we saw at this year’s Cheltenham Festival (see hats from Day 3 here and here, hats from Day 2 here and hats from Day 1 here). What do you think of this trio of hats? And which hat this week at Cheltenham was your favourite?

17 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival Day 4

  1. Zara brought her A game, definitely. Great set of hats from her. I love this one (maybe fewer feathers?) and love the black and blue color scheme.
    I’m partial to a pheasant feather, so that’s a plus, but I really like Autumn’s little percher! Beautiful bijou of a hat.
    The Princess Royal continues to be herself. Nice rain hat!

  2. Anne’s hat is a very good rain hat – and good only in that particular context…

    I love Autumn’s jaunty little hat very much.

    This is the best of Zara’s three smaller hats this week, in the sense of being best suited to the whole outfit it’s paired with. It is a much better balanced look than the first two of the week, I think because the hat gives a slightly bigger impression, maybe, with the feathers, but also because of the shorter jacket, which creates a much better outline with this size of hat. Yet again, it’s a hat I really like on its own merits.

  3. I think they all have looked great this year. I never thought I’d say this, but Anne has really looked good this week. Her timeless style is working in her favor. Zara and Autumn looked great too and both seem to have figured out what works for them.

  4. Zara is certainly the star of Cheltenham each year, isn’t she? Four days, four planned ensembles, it’s like her own personal Ascot. She wears hats so exceedingly well, and so rarely makes an off choice, that the other ladies who attend seem like supporting players. It’s hard to pick a favorite from this group. They were all good, but if pressed, I think I would pick the peacock hat.

  5. I like all 3 hats (yes, even Anne’s).

    I have a sunhat a bit like Anne’s, bought in Japan a couple of years ago. It’s light to wear and can be stored folded, if need be. She’s got a colour combo going on, has added a brooch to her hat and I like the look of the scarf wound round her throat. Could all be a lot worse!

    Zara’s hat is tremendous and like others I like the blue-black overall combo. However, I wonder about feather placement on the hat … the lone ones look a bit sad, like their mates have fallen off. For me, the feathers mean the hat is amazing from some angles and slightly weird from others. And I’m only about 50% on board with her ‘jacket’ which can’t decide if it’s a blazer or an overcoat.

    Autumn looks great. The hat and coat go very well together and the green is a great colour for her. (I have a soft spot for large pheasant feathers on hats.)

  6. Oh my, Anne, I know this hat is practical, but it’s not appropriate for Cheltenham! She does know felt is also naturally water repellent to a certain extent, right? At any rate, I don’t hate the hat, but just don’t care for it, although the shape is good for her, and the brooches/pins are nice.

    Another winner for Zara! She has continually wowed day after day, and year after year, at Cheltenham. It’s great to see her be a staple at these races, and always looks well put together overall without being too fussy or outrageous. The cobalt and black color combo is one I love, but I do think that when you view this hat at certain angles, the feathers look to be arranged a bit oddly, but that’s a minor complaint.

    I’m gonna go against the popular opinion and say Autumn’s hat was my favorite of this group! I adore long pheasant feathers, and it’s pairing with sage/stone green color is excellent. I’m also a big fan of the high collar on the coat. When Autumn first was part of the royal family, she made some bad choices when it came to hats, but she has really learned what works well for her and has been consistently great in the millinery stakes over the last few years.

    For the whole week, I think Zara’s peacock cocktail hat (Day 1), Camilla’s green hat (Day 2), Sophie’s black hat (Day 3) and Autumn’s cocktail hat (Day 4) were my favorites!

  7. I think the brooch on Princess Ann’s hat is a Charles Rennie Mackintosh style, silver brooch with an ‘amethyst’ stone. This type of jewellery was popular some years ago.

  8. For these three hats Zara wins the day. Not only do I love the hat on its own but she looks fantastic in the black and blue color scheme. Anne’s hat while not super chic is a hat she wears well and it seems to suit her no nonsense personality and style. Autumn’s hat is fine but I prefer a slightly larger hat that doesn’t sit so far forward as so many fascinators seem to do.

    As to an overall winner for this event any of Zara’s would be my choice!

  9. Zara’s hats stole the show. While I love the colors and materials of the peacock hat, I prefer the molded teardrop shape of the purple hat and this blue feathered hat. This shape fits Zara’s head and profile so well, I like it better than the percher. So how to choose between the purple and the blue? They both have eye catching embellishments. The purple was a great pop of color with the striking black and white outfit. And the blue goes so well with the gorgeous blue coat. I have to call it a tie.

  10. I think I have to give a nod to Zara Phillips’ hat on this day, despite my delight in seeing her different style — was that Day 3? She certainly rings the changes when it comes to fashion and adds to our enjoyment of “royal watching.”

  11. The feathers on Zara Phillips’ hat are surreal, beautifully balanced by the color and simple lines of the rest of her costume. Striking. Autumn Phillips’ hat is tiny, but very well suited to the coat. (I wonder what future generations may make of such headgear, seeing it in isolation in future decades!)

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