This Week’s Extras

Before we get into this week’s recap… I have had to moderate more comments than usual over the past week and sadly, was forced to ban two longtime participants. Please review The Comment Policy here at Royal Hats if you’re not familiar with it and my great thanks to the many of you who do a stellar job of keeping the conversation here a respectful one. Now- to the hats!

Royal Hats

Princess Kiko in a black mushroom hat last weekend to remember the East Japan earthquake in 2011 (Imperial Family Of Japan)

The Norwegian royal family enjoying the Holmenkollen ski festival in… you guessed it, ski hats (Royal House Of Norway)

Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser in Sudan this week in an Eric Javits designed straw hat.

Spectacular fresh floral crown on Tatiana Santo Domingo and her Muzungu Sisters fashion line partner, Dana Alikhani

Yesterday, the Duchess of Cornwall was at RAF Leeming to celebrate 100 Squadron’s centenary. She repeated her slouchy black wool hat with faux fur trim.

Princess Charlene taking part in the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017 opening ceremony yesterday in a winter white knit hat. She was also photographed with Prince Albert and a shy Princess Gabriella yesterday at the International Rugby Tournament of Monaco.

Embed from Getty Images

Just when we think Stephen Jones has taken millinery as far as it can go, he makes a bejewelled peanut butter sandwich fascinator. Words escape me for this one.

 Royal Hats

British royal photographer Chris Jackson caught this stellar image of the Cambridges in the Musee D’Orsay in Paris yesterday morning. Kate looked great in Chanel and played a strong fashion game all weekend.

The Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t the only one in Chanel yesterday- Princess Caroline and her family hosted the annual Rose Ball in Monaco. They opted for a Chanel parade while Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies predictably went for a showstopper in pink.

Embed from Getty Images

Photos from social media and Getty as indicated; Asahi

14 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I’ll contribute a positive word about Princess Kiko’s mushroom hat. I think the scale of it is perfect. No one does modesty, seriousness, solemnity… like the Japanese Imperial family. And they do it with elegance in every aspect: style, fabric, colors, tasteful pearl jewelry, down to the fabric covered tables they sit behind. It’s so different from western culture, but I find it very pleasing.

  2. Sheika Moza … wowsa. But then I was puzzling over the hat ‘style’ so thanks for the detective work, HQ. Kate did very well in Paris, a couple of minor quibbles (eg, the length of her ‘cocktail’ dress) aside. She’s getting better and better, isn’t she?

    Sleepless overnight I saw the Rose Ball covered elsewhere … lordy! Princess Caroline is a classic beauty so submersing her in a dress takes some doing!! Uncle Karl threw the kitchen sink at that creation, didn’t he? I kind of like Charlotte’s dress, perhaps a little wistfully because I could never have carried something like that off (and it’s lined so kudos to her at least for that). Beatrice, lovely.

  3. Please excuse my ignorance but is Sheikha Moza’s hat supposed to droop like that on the one side? If the answer is yes, then the next question is how are you supposed to see anything with it like that? I like the hat except for the weird droop. The sandwich thing is almost as bad as the ridiculous hat Princess Beatrice wore to W & K’s wedding. It isn’t really a hat, it is just nonsense to get press coverage.

  4. Sadly, I do like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich hat better than some hats that are worn in a more “serious” concept. 😀

  5. What a busy week for you, HQ! As always, many thanks. Your posts are so well-informed and fun, and I can’t imagine the hours you must be putting in.

    I have high hopes for future Stephen Jones creations: maybe a grilled cheese sandwich hat, with embroidered “cheese” oozing out? A pizza hat? A pancakes hat?

  6. Just noticed the pink dress on Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. Wow! Wonder how hard it is to walk with that ruffled train. Not a fan of Princess Caroline’s outfit. It seems a bit busy with the black neckband, the ruffles on the hem and and sleeves, and the print down the front. Her daughter and daughter’s-in-law gowns are okay, but I’ve seen them both in much more beautiful gowns than the ones they are wearing here.

  7. Awesome white dress on Sheihka Moza. White looks good on most women; so crisp and clean. Like you, I am speechless concerning the “peanut butter” hat. Lol! The Duchess of Cambridge looked so beautiful in her icy blue gown this weekend, and again, her clothing and hats very seldom miss the mark.

  8. I loved the picture of Sheikha Moza. She is just sublime. The peanut butter hat cracked me up, and no doubt someone will find a reason to wear it! The Duchess of Cambridge in Paris was breathtaking in all of her outfits. Fabulous.

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